I’m Weird Because…

My spring break has officially begun! I am super psyched to get a whole 9 days off from school and get a little chance to relax in the middle of this crazy semester. I don’t have any really exciting plans for this break (boo!) but I’m sure I’ll have some fun no matter what goes down.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about things that I like and comparing them to the preferences of the healthy living blogging community as a whole. Don’t get me wrong–I’m not comparing in a way that makes me feel inferior or whatever–just in a fun way that shows that we all have differences and it’s good to embrace those differences. So in the spirit of my It’s Okay… post a while back and share the reasons that I’m weird awesome!

I’m weird because…I love peanut flour but can’t stand peanut butter.

I basically have peanut flour paste in some form at least once a day!

I know most people say peanut flour isn’t a replacement for PB, but for me it is–not because I’m scared of the fat in PB (I just prefer other nut butters, like almond and pecan) but because I don’t like the texture or taste of straight-up PB. I use peanut flour as a source of easy protein and I just love how delicious it is!

I’m weird because…my Greek yogurt brand of choice is Oikos.

I haven't seen this flavor in sooooo long!

I know, I know, I’m not a Chobani fan like most of the blogging world. Honestly, I discovered Greek yogurt prior to blogging and Oikos was the first brand I tried–and I was hooked! I’ve tried Chobani and Fage a few times since then (Fage is okay…) but Oikos is still my one true Greek yogurt love. I like that it’s organic and I just love the flavors they offer, plus the plain kind is so thick and tangy.

I’m weird because…my favorite dinner at the moment is a topped sweet potato.

An oldie but a goodie!

I just love a hot sweet potato “baked” in the microwave and topped with peanut flour paste, almond peanut cashew butter and some cinnamon. I don’t know why, but it’s just so tasty and filling!

I’m weird because…I’m loving my coffee iced and my tea hot right now.

Some iced coffee (and a yogurt mess) from last summer.

Before a couple of months ago, you couldn’t pay me to drink hot tea–I loved iced, and that was that. Now I really love me some hot Celestial Seasonings, especially country peach passion, and I’m craving iced coffee like no other. I’m hoping I can hit up Starbucks over spring break and get some of their iced coffee with some sugar free vanilla or hazelnut syrup in it–mmmm! For now, I’m making my own and flavoring it with my new stevia drops.

I’m weird because…I prefer my fruit frozen.

Bananas are so much better frozen!

Once I realized bananas taste amazing when frozen, I don’t think I’ve eaten a room temperature banana! I’m also hooked on freezing my grapes, and buying frozen pineapple, mango and berries from Target. There’s just something about frozen fruit that can’t be beat. I don’t even care if it’s cold out, I’m eating my fruit frozen!

I’m weird because…I make oats just for the toppings.

One of my fave oats combos--caramel apple pie oats.

Okay, maybe I don’t make them just for the toppings, but they are the best part! You’ll never find me eating a naked bowl of oats–I love me some nut butter/peanut flour, dried fruit, nuts, cereal, etc. to top them with. I love creating flavor combos and making a totally delicious bowl. Some of my current faves include carrot cake, s’mores, PB&J (topped with grapes and peanut flour) and banana/honey/pretzel/peanut flour. Mmmm, so many choices!

Finish this statement: I’m weird because…

20 thoughts on “I’m Weird Because…

  1. Frozen fruit outweighs fresh a lot of th time for me too! I love the crunch and coldness! 😀
    I’m weird because I look forward to college classes every week and eat nut butter on meat haha

  2. I love Oikos but lately I’ve been into the Chobani Champions. Especially the new white chocolate chunk! I agree bananas are better frozen! I can’t eat a room temp. one either. I’m weird because I eat chocolate after (if not, in) every meal and convinced that it keeps me “skinny.” When I don’t have my chocolate I feel bloated and fat. Weird, eh?

  3. I’m with you on the frozen fruit..I would eat it in the summer and everyone else would be like ‘what are you doing?’ haha.
    I’m weird because I could spend all day alone and be as happy as a clam 🙂

  4. Aja says:

    Frozen bananas are the best.
    I’m weird because I can’t eat hot mush for breakfast. I just can’t, I have a problem with the texture.

  5. I’ve never tried bananas frozen but now that you’ve mentioned it, I think I’m going to have to! A couple of years ago I used to cut up carrots and put them in the freezer..I could eat them like they were going out of fashion but I guess I’ve out grown that now xD I do love ice tea and coffee though! I think they’re the best drinks that I’ve ever had!
    But I have to say that I’m weird because I like to eat raisins on sandwiches :’] White bread, a little bit of butter and a handful of raisins! I’ve been eating that since I was little and I think it’s a habit that I’m going to keep forever, even my mum ate them when she was a kid! :’]

  6. It’s okay to not like peanut butter. I’ll forgive you… just this once. Almond butter is delish though. I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t found the Peanut Butter and Company PBs, I’d eat almond way more because I don’t like any other brands of PB.

    Also- and please don’t take this the wrong way, but I hope everything is okay. That sweet potato does look amazing, but it’s really not a dinner. I’m hoping you mean it goes great with a salad or maybe a veggie burger, though :). I just say this because I’ve noticed lately in your entries it doesn’t seem like you’re eating that much at all, and maybe you just don’t picture everything or mention everything- which is fine, just that I hope there’s nothing terribly wrong and that you’re properly nourishing your body with enough food as well as super yummy foods :).

    • Actually the sweet potato pic was from a lunch awhile back that I had along with some fruit and a salad! But I really appreciate your concern, and the eating thing is actually something I want to bring up in a future post because I have been struggling with it lately and I want to be more honest about it!

      • It’s okay- you’re not the only one struggling, believe me! Hopefully blogging about it will help a bit too, we are always here for support if ya need it.

  7. There are SO many things that I like that are considered “weird” too. Oh well! We all have our crazy preferences.
    I like my fruit frozen too! And I’ve been having a baked sweet potato with my dinner almost every night for the past week. I’m addicted. (:

  8. I am weird because I ALWAYS need a dipping sauce,no matter what I eat… Or,if I eat oatmel or something else you cannot dip into anything,I need at least one topping. Always.
    And I am werid because I rarely eat warm meals – not because I don’t like eating cooked food,I actually love it because it’s so “soft” and tender,but because I think it’s yummier once it has cooled down again… Therefore,I can understand your passion for frozen fruit pretty well! 😛
    I hope you’re okay and having a nice weekend,girly! 🙂

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