Trying New Things

Thanks for all the wonderful compliments and suggestions you all left on my last post! You sure do know how to make me smile.

I have some exciting news–another product review! Like I said in my Coach’s Oats review, I really love reading other people’s product reviews and getting to do my own. Trying out new things is always fun, and the worst that can happen is you don’t like a product.

This product review is kind of a continuation from NaNeFoMo that I did way back in December. I still have a few things on my original list that I have yet to try (kombucha and vegan marshmallows) but that doesn’t mean I’m not up for adding new things to the list. Since that post, I’ve tried tons of other new-to-me things, like kale chips and parsnips, and have liked them all. Now I want to tackle two more things that I’ve seen in the blog world many times (and have drooled over) and finally got the chance to try myself: nutritional yeast and flavored liquid stevia!

Nutritional yeast, or nooch, is something I’ve known about almost since I started reading blogs. At first, it kinda freaked me out–a cheesy powder that you can add to things to boost the protein, fiber and vitamin content? Most people seemed to like it, so I finally took the plunge and ordered it from Amazon, after passing it over in the Whole Foods bulk section because it was so flippin’ expensive. Luckily, I only spent about $4 pre-shipping online, and I got a pretty large container of it.

Why did I wait so long to try you?

The brand I ordered was Red Star. I honestly don’t know if there’s a difference between brands. I opened it up, and it didn’t really smell too strongly or anything, so I took a little taste of it. To me, it doesn’t so much taste cheesy as it does nutty, which is maybe a good thing. I’m actually super excited to try it out as a topping on plain popcorn, as well as in some kind of vegan cheeze sauce. Maybe I’ll even give it a whirl in some savory oats or in homemade nut butter cups (I’ve heard nooch adds a texture to the nut butter than makes it like the filling of Reese’s). Anyways, I think it’ll be a good staple in my diet, seeing as I’m mostly vegan and can always use a little protein/vitamin B boost.

I also ordered some flavored liquid stevia from Amazon. When I was restocking on peanut flour last week from iHerb, I was looking through the liquid stevia they sell and they’re pretty expensive–almost as much as what I’ve seen them sell for at WF. When I saw a trial 4-pack of flavors from SweetLeaf for only $12, I jumped on it. When they arrived, I wasn’t expecting them to be so tiny (each bottle is only 4 ml, or about the size of my thumb) but I guess you get what you pay for.

These bottles kinda look like eye drops...

The flavors it came with were vanilla creme, lemon drop, Valencia orange and chocolate raspberry. I sampled a drop of each one on their own, and was surprised by how bitter they were compared to powdered stevia. I’m thinking it’s something I’ll get used to though, especially when using them in things. I tried a few drops of the vanilla creme in my peach tea, and it tasted pretty good, though I probably could have used a few more drops to add some sweetness. I think these will be perfect to add flavor to plain oats and plain Greek yogurt.

So overall, I’m glad I invested in these new-to-me products and I can’t wait to really try them out in a bunch of different things! Oh and speaking of new products…has anyone seen this?

I'm already obsessed, and I haven't even tried one yet!

Yep, I’m a Pure Bar addict and I need to get my hands on this new dark chocolate berry flavor ASAP!

Do you like nooch or flavored liquid stevia? Any suggestions for how to use them?

19 thoughts on “Trying New Things

  1. I love to put nooch on pizza and roasted veggies! So good 🙂 And I hadn’t seen that new pure bar flavor yet, MUST FIND!!!! YUM!!
    Enjoy your weekend friend!

  2. Aja says:

    I have never heard of any of those but they sound really interesting. I would at least try them.

  3. I love nooch I put it in my salads all the time for a little extra but I really put it on anything it taste great with most things. I have tried Red Star and Braggs. I liked Red Star the best but when I am being a little more conscious of my sodium content I will go with braggs because It has no sodium.

  4. sarah says:

    Blogs have introduced me to so many unusual, wonderful foods too. Gah, a life without peanut flour! It just doesn’t bare thinking about;).
    I love nooch on roast veggies and mixed into cottage cheese.
    Liquid stevia,as far as I’m aware, can be quite bitter depending on the brand. I use NuNaturals and I think its pretty great- an essential add in to my oats and greek yog.
    Oh, and I adooore parsnips! I roast them in a peanut flour crust, its just the best.
    Have a nice weekend:)

  5. I’ve ordered nooch from iHerb last week and I cannot wait to receive my package and try it! 🙂
    When it comes to stevia,I don’t like any brand except for NuNaturals. All the other brands I’ve tried so far have had a terrible after-taste… I absolutely adore NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia though,it tastes so good!

  6. I have never even tried nooch before! I want to give it a go though, everyone seems to really enjoy it plus it’s healthy 🙂 Also, never tried the sweeteners! Apparently I am behind with some products haha
    Thank you for the review Ashley!

  7. You should post up another review of the nutritional yeast after you’ve tried it on more things. I’ve been curious, but the sound of it makes me want to gag lol

  8. I have nooch but I rarely use it. I’ve heard it actually gives peanut butter a reeses like texture if you mix it in!! I need to try that!!

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