WIAW: Weekend of Veggies and Dancing

Hey! Glad you all liked my product review! It was really fun to do and hopefully I’ve inspired some of you to go out and try the oats for yourself.

Anyway, as promised, here’s a recap of my weekend, in WIAW form. Okay, so it’s not really What I Ate Wednesday, but What I Ate And Did This Weekend (so WIAADTW). Whatever, WIAW sounds better! And this weekend, I got in a ton of veggies, which always seems to be the case when I go home. So hopefully spring break will be veggie city 😀


My madre picked me up around 11, as usual, and we hit the road. The thing I love best about getting done with class so early on Friday is that on the weekends I go home, my mom can come pick me up right away and we don’t end up hitting any rush hour traffic in Denver, plus I get a slightly longer weekend at home. Win win! We got back to the Springs just in time to pick up my sister from school, headed home for a little bit, then back out to drop her off for the musical she was performing in. My mom and I hit up Qdoba for a quick dinner, and obviously, I forgot to take a picture. But I ordered my usual, the Naked Vegetarian Taco Salad topped with lettuce (duh), black beans, fiery habanero salsa (super hot, just the way I like it) and corn & black bean salsa. So good! I was starving so I finished off the entire salad. Guess I love my greens 😉

Then we met my dad to see my sister’s musical. It was based on the Prince of Egypt movie, and it was pretty decent. She was the understudy for Zipporah (Moses’ wife) but unfortunately, she didn’t get to fill in. She was good in the other parts she did, though!


I ate breakfast (obvs) and showered, which is so unusual for me since I usually do it at night, but my dad, sister and I were going to a father daughter dinner dance so I needed to be fresh for that!

Breakfast: carrot cake oats with raisins, spicy veggie sausage.

I did some yoga and cardio circuits, had lunch and then just did whatever around the house until it was almost 3…yikes, I needed to get ready pronto! I repainted my nails with pink crackle polish (my fave), curled my hair and got into my dress for the dance.

The only picture I have right now of me in my dress...more to come hopefully soon!

Lunch: sweet potato topped with crunchy almond butter and real maple syrup, crushed natural nacho kale chips, frozen banana slices, side of water in a Starbucks holiday tumbler.

Since neither my mom or sister were there (they were at the last performance of the musical), my dad had to take a few pictures of me outside in my dress, alone. Usually my mom would take pics of the three of us all dressed up, but it was just me this time. Not that I minded 😉 Except it was freezing outside and windy! Not fun.

My dad (who looked handsome in his suit, by the way) and I headed out…not for the dance yet, but for Whole Foods! The hotel the dance was at was catering dinner, but I know from past experience that I don’t like the vegetarian option they serve (and they had no vegan option, as far as I know) so my dad suggested we get something to go from Whole Foods. Um, yeah, I was a happy camper, especially when I discovered tons of new salads at the hot/cold bars. The Whole Foods I go to most of the time has an amazing selection, so I filled my box with a ton of different ones, like sweet potato chunks with cannelini beans, orange chipotle tofu cubes, an Asian kale salad, spicy marinated artichoke hearts and a Mediterranean salad with onions, tomatoes, olives and chickpeas. All of it was ridiculously good so it’s pretty sad that I could only get a super lame picture of it, since I had to take it in the dark ballroom at the dance. Yeah, it felt a little weird eating my Whole Foods salads while everyone around me was having the chicken or steak meals, but I did not regret my decision–it was super tasty, and healthy!

It doesn't look too tasty, but it really was!

The program was really really good, but of course, I was looking forward to the dancing! It’s always so fun to make a fool of myself with my dad and sister while busting a move on the dance floor. First, we had our pictures taken by the photographer there, and then we hit the floor! When we first went back in the ballroom, it was  packed and people were handing out these weird balloons for no reason. It was so funny though, because all the dads and daughters were waving them around to the music. So random, but so fun! Most of them popped by the end of the night, but I actually still have mine at home!

This random button we found on our table--my sister and I thought it was hilarious.

My place card.

The band was pretty decent, I just wish they had played more modern songs than the oldie type stuff, but I guess they wanted to appeal to the dads and daughters. They did do Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You” and Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”, so my sister and I really got down to those! And of course, the last song was “Butterfly Kisses”–I almost cried while I was slow-dancing with my dad. The whole event makes me really appreciate how much my dad loves me.


Unfortunately, we had an early wake-up call, which sucked after being out so late (I didn’t fall asleep til after midnight) the night before. We’re trying to sell our house, and we had a showing in the morning so we had to get out for a little while. Of course, it was the perfect opportunity to hit up Starbucks! I rarely get to have Starbucks in the morning–I usually go in the afternoon. It was nice to get a little caffeine burst…I definitely needed it!

My Starbucks order du jour: tall skinny soy hazelnut latte.

My family got some bagels at Einstein, but I just got a fruit cup for my breakfast. Okay, honestly, bagels are a HUGE fear food of me–so many carbs, especially the “bad” kind, a ton of calories, blah blah blah. I don’t think I’ve had one in a year and a half, and even then I only ate half of one at a time, without cream cheese (because of all the fat), of course. I would have loved to try to at least somewhat conquer my fear, with one of their bagel thins and some vegan cream cheese (they don’t have this, but I can dream, right?), but I didn’t. Part of it was because I honestly wasn’t hungry–and this actually continued throughout the day, which was weird–but it was also because I was just too afraid. Maybe next time I can try a bagel thin…

Sunday was actually just a really weird day, because like I just said, I was barely hungry the whole day. I had my Starbucks drink and the fruit for breakfast, skipped lunch, had a few orange and banana slices before my mom and I headed back up to school and a Clif Kids bar in the car. For dinner we stopped at Corner Bakery, where I got their salad trio, with the Asian edamame salad, mixed greens salad and seasonal fruit medley. Of course, the fruit medley was mostly cantaloupe (ick!) so I just had the few grapes, apple slices and pineapple pieces mixed in, a little bit of the mixed greens (the dressing was  way too oily) and all of the edamame salad (which was really good and fresh). It honestly was not much food, but I still wasn’t hungry. After my mom dropped me off, my hunger finally returned so I could have some oats with peanut flour for a snack. But the whole day just threw me off and it actually sucked!

My hunger did return on Monday (thank God!) so I was able to enjoy a few of the new purchases my mom got for me from Whole Foods. First up, Late July organic sweet potato multigrain chips. I thought I wouldn’t really like these because I didn’t really like the Food Should Taste Good version, but these are so much better! They’re slightly sweet, slightly salty and are the perfect mix of soft and crunchy. They have a subtle sweet potato taste, but I love them.

My new favorite Late July chips!

I also tried some Hope Hummus, which is a locally-made hummus brand. I liked their sweet potato hummus, but when I saw they had a spicy avocado version, I just had to get it. It tastes like a blend of guacamole and hummus and it’s really good! The sweet potato chips were awesome dipped in it.

Two of my favorite dips in one!

And finally, I tried a Sumo orange for the first time. My dad spotted them at Whole Foods, picked up a few, and I took a couple with me to try. They definitely live up to their name in size, and they have an amazing, juicy, tangerine-like taste. I recommend them if you love oranges!

For size comparison, a Sumo on the left, a blood orange on the right.

What was the best thing you ate this weekend? What do you do on “not hungry” days?

25 thoughts on “WIAW: Weekend of Veggies and Dancing

  1. nicole marie story says:

    gorgeous dress! designer? you’re such a little carrie bradshaw!

    by the way, you haven’t entered my newest Kate Spade giveaway, and I know that it’s something that fashion girls shouldn’t miss: Go Bananas! Test Potassium! Win Kate Spade!. It’s my last giveaway for quite some time, so don’t miss out! $25 gift card.

    have a wonderful wednesday, ashley! ❤

  2. Your dress is fabulous and that button you and your sister found is hilarious! I’d totally wear it everywhere and just point to it if people asked me questions haha
    So so glad you had such a fabulous weekend my friend, happy WIAW! 😀

  3. I love your dress! But I think I saw a pic of it on twitter or somewhere and already said that. I’m glad you got something to eat too even though the food at the hotel wouldn’t have been good- you are lucky to have a Whole Foods close by too, we don’t have anything like that here.

    I love sweet potato chips! I’ve only had them a few times, but they’re great… and pretty much the only chips I’ll eat, too. I also bought some hummus yesterday but mine’s roasted red peppers :).

    I miss early Fridays! Boo for having to work until at least 4 no matter what 😦

  4. You look stunning in that dress Ashley, works so well on you 🙂 I feel ya on the bagel fear food… I haven’t had a proper bagel in years, there I said it! And I know you said you were not hungry on Sunday, but I would encourage you to eat through that when it happens. You really did not eat a lot of food that day and we both know what that does to us… nothing beneficial! I does not help with mental recovery and physically, you are continuing to slow your metabolism down 😦 I know it’s hard girl, and actually it’s “easy” not to eat when NOT hungry, I mean we are taught this. But honestly, you can’t really go by that right now if you are serious about recovery. I am so NOT trying to sound harsh, but I am being realistic! I am here for you if you need anything

  5. Your dress absolutely beautiful,just as the girl wearing it 😉 You honestly are such a beauty,Ashley!
    I’m glad you had fun at the weekend & that avocado hummus sounds so delicious!
    I hate days on which I don’t feel hungry though. I constantly try to find something delicious to increase my appetite,but mostly,it ends with eating a bit of this and that and feeling disgusted with myself. 😦

  6. It sounds like the WF you have near your house in Springs has a way better selection at the salad bar than the one near me in Cherry Creek…jealous! You looked so pretty and happy in your dress photo 🙂

  7. That was nice of your Dad to bring you to whole foods!! I hate when the vegetarian option is either pasta or mushroom risotto. I don’t really like either, and they tend to be favorites for caterers. Next time you go to Einstein you have to try a bagel!! They’re awesome, and overcoming a fear food is scary but it always made me feel good in the end!

    • I actually think it was mushroom risotto–ick!

      Thanks for the bagel motivation. You’re so right about overcoming fear foods, it always makes me feel great for doing it, even if it’s hard at first.

  8. You shower before you work out?! Haha 😛

    Not hungry days don’t really happen…hahaha, but when they do I go for dense stuff, to make sure I get my energy needs covered – so instead of dried fruits and veggies I go for PB&J sandwiches, dried fruits, granola parfaits, desserts, and snack bars – and anything that I really like, but is rich, to try to tempt me to eat. I hope your appetite stops being wonky. 😛

    • Haha, I just realized I accidentally did that! Usually I shower at night, so I work out before I shower but in this case I was just running low on time.

      Those are great suggestions for what to eat–I love dried fruits and protein-type bars!

  9. sarah says:

    I agree with Tessa’s comment. I honestly worry when I read your posts showing what you ate- you are SO young still, this is the time for having a metabolism like a cheetah! But by eating so little you’ll slow everything down, and get your body used to surviving on hardly any food. Not to mention dull your hunger signals. And you won’t blossom into the HEALTHY young woman you should be:/.
    I hope I’m not coming across as a b*tch, but I just want you to use food to THRIVE, not just survive :).
    Please take care,

    • No, you are definitely not being b*tchy in the least, I really appreciate your concern! I know I am still struggling somewhat with feeling comfortable with eating enough to fuel myself–definitely something I am working on!

  10. You look gorgeous your dress! So jealous of those curls. Sounds like you had a great weekend besides the non-hungry day. I seriously almost never have a day where I’m just not hungry but if I did I would definitely eat high calorie but small stuff like some trail mix with dried fruits and nuts, dark chocolate (who can pass up chocolate really?) or really anything that you can have a small amount of but it be really high in calories because you’re body body needs those calories and nutrients!

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