WIAW: A Day of Raw Challenge

Hey ladies, how is February treating you so far? I’m just glad we’re that much closer to March–I can’t wait to bust out the dresses and flip-flops again!

Peas and Crayons


As I promised in last week’s WIAW, I have a special edition of the weekly foodie party for you this week. As you might know, I’ve recently become interested in raw foodism. Let me just clarify that I am not considering eating 100% raw–I like the principles behind it and its health benefits, but I feel good right now with my current ‘almost vegan’ lifestyle and I feel like at this point in my ED recovery, I shouldn’t be excluding all cooked foods, because they are nutritious (not to mention delicious)! However, I do like making raw treats from time to time and I also love things like raw fruits and veggies (I actually prefer my veggies raw!) and nuts so I thought I’d try eating totally raw for one day and share my experience on here for a WIAW post. So here goes!

Breakfast: raw carrot cake bite topped with raw walnut butter, red grapes, dried mango slice.

Normally, I love my oat-filled breakfasts, usually with a side of veggie bacon or veggie sausage, or sometimes just a bowl of plain Greek yogurt and fruit, but this was a good way of switching things up. However, this meal didn’t have quite enough staying power (aka protein), so it’s not an ideal breakfast but still tasty.

Lunch: chocolate brownie Pure bar, baby carrots, freeze-dried mixed fruit.

However, I did get a little more protein at lunch with the delicious Pure bar! I love Pure bars, because they are basically bigger Larabars with a little bit fewer calories and more protein (7 grams in this flavor). I almost can’t believe they’re raw, they’re so good! The chocolate brownie is my favorite flavor, hands-down, plus I really needed my chocolate fix for the day since I couldn’t have my usual daily dose of  a handful of dark chocolate chips. I think I should invest in cacao nibs because they’re raw–I’ve heard they take some getting used to, though. The carrots and dried fruit were good for crunch and overall, this was a pretty balanced meal.

Post-lunch dessert: Medjool date stuffed with raw pecan halves.

I also had some unpictured frozen pineapple chunks during my weather and climate lab. The date and nut combo is amazing, it tastes exactly like a turtle sundae. Well, without the ice cream, of course, but it’s a good raw substitute.

Afternoon snack: Pink Lady apple, handful raw pecan pieces.

Having just fruit and nuts for a snack isn’t something I usually do, but it was actually really tasty. I drizzled the pecans with a little raw honey and they were even tastier. I think pecans are my new favorite nut–sorry, almonds.

Dinner: sprouted quinoa bowl with raisins, shredded carrots and raw walnut butter, blood orange.

Sorry about the awful photo quality–I eat dinner around 7 pm so it’s pretty dark, aka no natural lighting so I just wing it. Instagramming the photos usually helps somewhat though! Anyway, this was my first time trying sprouted quinoa and I gotta say, it was a little weird at first, since I’m used to fluffy cooked quinoa but the crunchiness was interesting. I mixed it up with some raw walnut butter, carrots and raisins, making a carrot cake sprouted quinoa bowl of sorts, and I had some water and a blood orange on the side. The quinoa was pretty bland, but I’d like to try using sprouted quinoa in some kind of salad with a good dressing.

Dessert: frozen banana slices drizzled with raw honey.

No day would be complete without a nighttime snack! Of course, I love the combo of frozen bananas and raw honey, so I definitely enjoyed this dessert. Sweet, simple and cold. It was worth shivering the rest of the night–yes, I eat frozen stuff in the middle of winter!

Overall–I had plenty of energy to get through the day, and it made me feel refreshed and ‘clean’. However, there were definitely some foods I missed (namely peanut flour, sweet potatoes and oats), so obviously this raw food thing is not going to become a daily occurrence. I think cooked foods have a place in a healthy diet, and I don’t want to deprive myself of foods I love just to be completely raw. I do like that the challenge helped me get out of food ruts and try out some new combos, and it also challenged me to overcome my fear of fats (most raw foodism is based on using nuts, which have lots of healthy fats). I didn’t like that I wasn’t able to get as much protein as I usually can, and I don’t even normally eat a ton of protein, usually between 35-50 grams per day, and on my raw day, I only got 18 grams. Yeah, not so good but it was just one day so I’m not sweating it. So basically, there are some aspects I liked about the challenge and others weren’t my favorites but I feel good about mixing it up and trying something new. I would consider doing another ‘day of raw’ challenge in the future if I had more options, since being in a dorm I was mostly limited to fruits and nuts. In the future, I’m going to stick with my usual mix of raw and cooked foods, and also try out new raw food recipes occasionally.

Would you eat raw for a whole day? What’s your favorite nut?

22 thoughts on “WIAW: A Day of Raw Challenge

  1. I’m sad I have to put the flip flops and bathing suit away! It was nice to pretend it wasn’t winter for an extended weekend 😀 Now reading your post made me crave grapes…

  2. I had to write a paper on raw foodism and I ate raw for 5 days for research. It was definitely something that took getting used to but I’m glad I did it. It always helps to do something first hand.

  3. I love that you challenged yourself to a day of all raw foods! I’ve become realllly interested in raw food-ism lately as well. I love that our bodies are able to absorb ALL of the nutrients when our food is uncooked. And frankly, I think it tastes delicious!
    If I had more time I would definitely attempt a completely raw diet, but unfortunately my crazy schedule doesn’t really allow for that right now. Booo. ): But, I do try to incorporate it as much as I can!
    And PureBars are one of my favorites! Have you tried the Apple-Cinnamon flavor? So yummy!

  4. I couldn’t do raw foods too often. Or really think about it to much. I eat my fruit raw and a lot of veggies raw, and I think that’s enough to keep me going! Though I do love the medjool date with the pecan! I always associate raw desserts with being super complicated but that’s a quick and easy one!

  5. That’s so neat you did a raw challenge! I don’t know if I could ever just eat raw stuff, I love my meats and baked goods too much 😉 I’d probably live off of apples, carrots, and nuts galore haha

  6. That is cool that you tried this out Ashley! I think once in a while it could be okay, but never something I could be consistent with… I like to have raw stuff but that can’t be my only food in a day.
    But you did have so many great eats that day… dates and nuts? Yum 🙂

  7. nicole marie story says:

    have you experienced the cherry cashew Pure bar? #fabulous.

    and i thought of you today when i almost bought a Peanut Butter Strawberry KIND bar! but i had already enjoyed my KIND bar for the day, so i couldn’t tempt myself by keeping one “in stock” because “in mouth” it would have gone. 🙂 x

  8. caloricandcrazy says:

    I so want to try those pure bars! I see them at Trader Joe’s. Perhaps I’ll get one tomorrow ^^

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