WIAW: The One With the New Products

Happy Wednesday everyone! Or should I say, happy first day of February! I am so so so glad we are done with January, it’s always one of my least favorite months because it’s smack dab in the middle of winter (hate winter!) and just seems to drag on. February’s always a short month, even this year with an extra day, and always is a little more exciting. Especially because it’s one month closer to spring–can you tell I just want winter to be over?

So today is obviously the first WIAW of the new month, and to celebrate that, I have my reviews of some new-to-me products that I recently tried. I mentioned a few of them in my last WIAW, but since then, I’ve tried even more new products! I just love trying out new things and seeing what I like and don’t like. If I paid for my own groceries, I would definitely be at Whole Foods on a weekly basis scoping out new products…or maybe not, since that could get a little expensive! What can I say, I have expensive tastes 😉

Peas and Crayons

First up, Smart Bacon. Now, you all know how much I love my Morningstar spicy vegetarian sausage patties in the A.M. (or even at night, letsbehonest) but a girl needs to switch it up every once in a while. I like to have a protein source at breakfast to keep me going through long mornings spent in classes and walking around campus, so these give me a little protein boost (4 grams in 2 slices) and taste delicious. A little too salty, but I love them. I make them super-crispy in my microwave because I hate squishy soft bacon. I’m not sure if this tastes like real bacon, since I haven’t had that in years but it’s still pretty yummy.

It really is smart!

This is the only product I tried that isn’t vegan, but it is vegetarian-friendly and amazing–Arctic Zero! I know it seems like a ‘diet-y’ thing, but I honestly loved this product more than froyo. I got the mint chocolate flavor, and it was the perfect consistency and taste after a quick zap in the microwave. Now, maybe I loved it because I actually like the taste of sorbet, but it was actually amazing for being only 150 calories in an entire pint. I was only able to eat half the pint in one sitting because it was pretty filling, but I would buy it again in a heartbeat–probably in the coffee flavor since I’m a coffee-holic. I liked that it had almost 8 grams of protein in the serving I had!

One of the best frozen desserts I've ever had!

I’m a dried fruit fiend, so when I saw these two products, I just had to have them. I really need to invest in a dehydrator ASAP because I’m spending an arm and a leg buying all this dried fruit. It’s so worth it though. First, Crunchies are my favorite freeze-dried fruit. I love their mixed fruit and cinnamon apple slices, so when I saw the tropical fruit mix at Sunflower Market, I snapped it up! It’s got freeze-dried bananas, strawberries, oranges, mangos and pineapples and is amazing. Anything tropical is, just saying. I also got some dried mango slices when my mom and I made our first trip to Sprouts and I love it! It’s so hard to find dried fruit that is just fruit, with no added sugars or oils, so when I found these I was super pumped. Oh, and I don’t know if all of you have heard of Sprouts before–it’s basically a smaller version of Whole Foods that just has stores in Arizona, California, Colorado and Texas. Definitely check them out if you have one near you–I thought it was a pretty cool store. Sunflower Market is basically the same, but it also has stores in New Mexico, Oklahoma and Utah. I still can’t wait to get a Trader Joes here, though!

I'm basically obsessed with tropical fruits.

It was cheap, but that's only because there's not very much of it!

Actually, I kinda lied saying that the Arctic Zero was the only non-vegan product too. This KIND bar isn’t either, because it has honey in it, but I know that the honey debate is a big deal in the vegan community. Personally, I think it’s okay as long as the honey is raw and organic but that’s just me. Obviously I’m not a strict vegan because I still have dairy (in Greek yogurt form) maybe once or twice a week, but I’m working towards it because I think it’s a lifestyle that would work well for me, since it has so far. Anyways, I picked up the Peanut Butter & Strawberry on a whim, since I’ve never tried a KIND bar before. I like the simple ingredients and the fact that this variety has 7 grams of protein–not too shabby! And pretty much, it tasted exactly like a PB&J sandwich. I loved the crunch of the almonds and peanuts and it’s definitely another bar to add to my ever-expanding stash!

A high protein PB&J in bar form.

So next week, I have a special WIAW in the works, so look for that! I know I’m excited about it, but I’m weird like that 😛

Can't forget the outfit of the week! Red/navy plaid shirt (Abercrombie), navy lace tank (Abercrombie Kids), dark wash jeggings (American Eagle), unpictured brown suede boots (DSW).

What is the best product you’ve recently tried? Do you like shopping at small health food stores?

35 thoughts on “WIAW: The One With the New Products

  1. Oh wow,all of these products sound AWESOME!
    When I go to America one day,I really need to try that Arctic Zero ice cream (sending it to Germany wouldn’t be such a great idea,I guess :P) IMMEDIATELY! My only problem would be the decision between Vanilla Maple,Cookies and Cream,Chocolate Mint and Coffee flavor…
    Anyways,I’ve had a kind bar once (Vanilla Blueberry I think it was!) and I absolutely LOVED it! Peanut Butter and Strawberry sounds like the perfect flavor for me,so I really nedd to try it someday…

    The best product I’ve recently tried is NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia. I won it in a giveaway and it’s soooo good!

    Have a great Wednesday,Ashley! 🙂

  2. Yay for fun new products!! I’ve never had that peanut butter strawberry kind bar, but it sounds like a flavor I’d love! 🙂 And I’ve only tried the vanilla maple arctic zero before, but wasnt a huge fan, I’ll have to try the other flavors for sure!

  3. I crispify my fakin bacon in the microwave too! I then break it in pieces and eat with popcorn for the protein to balance out the carbs. YUM!

    I also like the “pepperoni” from that company as well…I make them crispy and eat them like chips.

    • nicole marie story says:

      is that fakin bacon vegan? i was recently disappointed to learn that my favourite “chicken” actually contains some sort of egg white. blah! and if the bacon is, indeed, vegan, i will buy it . . . and dip it in ketchup. 🙂

  4. nicole marie story says:

    love love love love love!!!!!!!!!
    you may have once read that i’m a KIND bar addict! 🙂 every morning for breakfast! YET, i have not tried the peanut butter and jelly kind bar because starbucks doesn’t yet carry it!!! i know it can be purchased online, but that’s often times in bulk only; so i just don’t go there because of binge potential. 🙂
    and from one fashion snob to another, i must offer that your outfit is fab.
    yeah for fashion snobs and kind bars! 😉 xxx

  5. I wish we had Artic Zero here, I’ve never seen it in a store and always wanted to try it. That’s so cool that it has that few calories and that much protein for an ice cream.

    The best new product I’ve tried lately is Eat Think Smile granola clusters. I had a coupon and they were on sale so I got them super cheap. They are chocolate and cranberry flavored which is a really neat combination!

  6. Kim @ Eat, Live, and Blog says:

    All of the your new products looks great! Your outfit is cute girly! I love plaid shirts. 🙂

  7. I love Arctic Zero so much! Sucks that it’s so expensive – I think I have some pretty expensive tastes, too, boo! It doesn’t need to replace froyo/ice cream, all frozen desserts can happily coexist – la, la, la 🙂

    On a different note…I pretty much wore that *exact* outfit (only the shirt with red and black, instead of pink and black) yesterday. Craaaaaaaaazaaaaaaay! If I can say it myself, I’ve been wearing some pretty cute things this semester (great minds think alike?) so I def need to get a tripod and get some outfit-of-the-day action going!

    • It is delicious, definitely try it if you get the chance! And thanks, I’ve found it’s much easier being flexible with my eating. I’m completely vegetarian, and usually mostly vegan, but there are some things (like Greek yogurt) that I rely on too much to give up right now!

  8. Ooh a quick and on the go pb&j!! Gotta love it. I don’t like artic zero on its own, but I like to blend it with greek yogurt to give it a little staying power. It’s so good! Recently I tried a cranberry oatmeal cookie from the protein bakery. It was delicious!!

  9. I love all of the new products! I’m obsessed with dried fruit and I usually buy it at the farmers market because it’s the only place that seems to sell JUST fruit- with no added sweeteners. But, those Crunchies sound so good!
    And Kind Bars are amazing. I haven’t tried that flavor yet. I need to!

    Cute outfit, of course. (:

  10. I want winter to be over too! So bored of the cold and the dark evenings!! It looks like you’ve found some tasty new eats, I want something new and exciting to eat – might go on a search tomorrow :-). I really love health food shops, I could spend hours in them. Love your outfit – you look so cute 🙂

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