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Well guys, I’m finally back at school and ready to start off second semester! I really enjoyed having a full month off to be at home with my family, and not gonna lie, it was hard coming back. Besides missing my family, I also miss the comforts of home, having a car and a kitchen to cook in. Spring break is only a month and a half away though, so I’m looking forward to that!

Peas and Crayons

This WIAW, I thought I’d show you some of the food I’ve been obsessed with lately while I was home, as well as a few other recent ‘obsessions’.

Breakfast: raspberry mocha protein waffle, frozen grapes, spicy veggie sausage

I really wanted waffles the other day, since I haven’t had one in a couple of months, but I wasn’t feeling a boxed mix. Instead, I whipped up my own raspberry mocha protein waffles, and they did not disappoint, especially with 6 grams of protein per waffle! I had one as my last breakfast at home 😦 along with a spicy veggie sausage and frozen grapes (another obsession).

Raspberry Mocha Protein Waffles (vegan, high protein)

1/2 cup oat flour (or ground rolled oats)

1 scoop Soytein cappuccino protein powder

handful frozen raspberries

1 tbsp vegan chocolate chips

sweetener, to taste (I used Truvia)

water, to thin

Process oats in a food processor or blender til mostly ground. Mix oats, protein powder and sweetener in a bowl until combined. Add water until desired consistency is reached; stir in chocolate chips and raspberries. Heat a waffle iron (or make into pancakes) and cook until browned (makes about 4 small waffles). 

I'mma office supply nerd!

I just stocked up on new pens for the upcoming semester, and of course, I scored the most colorful kind! I’m obsessed with organizing my notes by color, so these will be well-used.

Lunch: summer rolls, edamame in the shell, fresh pineapple, "poor girl's" spicy mustard (yellow mustard mixed with Sriracha)

My parents and I went to Pei Wei on Friday for lunch. I got my usual, the Vietnamese summer rolls, but when I asked them to leave out the chicken, they said they couldn’t do that! Most places are usually pretty accommodating to vegetarians, so this was a shock, especially since Pei Wei has plenty of veg options. I still got the rolls and just picked out all the chicken, which wasn’t easy, but it was totally worth it for the delicious summer rolls (with a side of in the shell edamame). Next time, I’d get an actual vegetarian option, despite my fear of ordering noodle dishes in restaurants.

Snack: in the shell edamame, small Pink Lady apple, handful organic cinnamon crunch cereal, PF paste

Snack plates are my favorite, whether for snacks or even lunch (I’d love to do one for dinner, too). I’m so indecisive so I like my meals to have many components so I don’t get bored. This was a pretty random one, but it fulfilled my craving for something sweet (cereal), something green (edamame), something crunchy and fresh (apple) and something delicious and protein-packed (peanut flour).

Outfit of the day: cream cropped sweater (Hollister), navy ruffled tank (Hollister), multi floral skirt (Hollister), grey polka dot tights (Target), grey corduroy booties (ALDO)

Sorry that I look super-pissed in the picture above–I always make the stupidest faces when I self-time. And, yes, I did just take this picture on Saturday and yes, I still have my mini Christmas tree up. What can I say, I like to make the holidays last as long as possible 😉 I’m in love with the booties that I got just before Christmas, but they’ve still yet to make a debut at school. I blame the snow and ice that randomly dumped on campus on Monday afternoon!

Dinner: Gardein beefless tips stir fry (with asparagus, mixed veggies and edamame), frozen mango chunks, freeze-dried strawberries

While I was still at home, I discovered a TON of frozen Gardein products in the freezer. I went through a phase over the summer where I was obsessed with them, but then I got kinda burned out. I rekindled my love for their meatless goodness over Christmas break and it was wonderful. The beefless tips weren’t as good as I remembered, though…

Dessert: carrot cake oats topped with almond peanut cashew butter and raisins

I don’t know why, but I’ve been obsessed with the carrot cake flavor combo lately. I’ve been loving the raw carrot cake bites I made and I’ve enjoyed quite a few bowls of carrot cake oats recently. I just love the mix of carrots, raisins and nut butter! Another awesome, new-to-me combo is coffee oats, topped with peanut flour paste and crushed Annie’s bunny pretzels–sweet and salty is the best!

What have you been obsessed with lately? What is your favorite pen color?

24 thoughts on “WIAW: Back at It+Obsessions

  1. I love the idea of color coding your notebooks + pens. I always end up using one or two binders for all my classes and I am soo unorganized! It reallllly needs to change. Love the protein waffles! I wish I could find crazy flavored protein powders like cappuccino (but not cappuccino because I don’t like coffee.) I’ve been obsessed with peanut flour sauce + Greek yogurt, fruit smoothies, and egg white nachos (scrambled egg whites + gauc + salsa + blue corn tortilla chips) sooooo good.

    • The brand of protein powder I usually use has some weird flavors like caramel and chocolate peanut butter, but I really want to try out Spirutein since they seem to have a ton more awesome flavors!

      I love the idea of egg white nachos…if only I liked eggs haha!

  2. love your outfit and the rainbow pens! I’m obsessed with random colorful pens…and socks…and bandaids 😀
    Have fun getting back in the swing of things!

  3. Haha, I used to do the color coding all the time. Now I hardly ever use pens, so I just use whatever we have at work. I work at a tech company so most things are electronic communication now or people bring laptops/ipads to meetings. But in college, and a few years ago at my first job (NOT techie), I used tons of colorful pens.

    I hate it when places don’t like to make something vegetarian :(. Everywhere should be accommodating, imho. I won’t pick meat out though, I’ll just get something else. You’d think they would be better about it considering it’s more of a profit for them to leave it out since meat is expensive… oh well.

    Good luck going back to school! I don’t get a day off until Good Friday :(. Boo.

    • That’s so cool that people bring iPads to meetings! It’s definitely the new technology trend.

      I agree on the vegetarian thing at restaurants–it really would save them a ton of money and prep work to leave the meat out!

  4. I also like working with colors when it comes to school stuff! I love pink and purple pens,they’re so cool 🙂

    It’s a shame you couldn’t get your spring rolls in a vegetarian way! I think that restaurant should work on its menue,especially since it’s no problem to get spring rolls without chicken in other restaurants and they could lose a lot of customers if they don’t…

    I’ve been a little bit granola-obsessed lately. I’m actually not the biggest fan of granola as I go more for oatmeal or cereal,but my mom got me a strawberry crunch granola which is sooooo addictive! There are real freeze-dried strawberrie chunks in it and it’s so crispy and delicious! 🙂

    I love our outfit,by the way,particulary your skirt – so cute!

  5. Your outfit is adorable! I love skirts with tights during the winter. Comfortable, cute, and it definitely beats wearing jeans every day.
    I’m loving all of your current obsessions. Snack plates are my favorite. I’m such an indecisive person and they allow me to have a little bit of everything. And I’m the biggest school-supply-nerd ever. I could spend all day in Office Depot, or in Target’s office supply section, and never get bored!
    I’ve been obsessed with Gardein products lately- especially the crispy tenders and chik’n scallopinis. So yummy!
    I can’t believe that restaurant wouldn’t accommodate your vegetarian diet- that hasn’t happened to me in the longest time! It seems ridiculous that any restaurant would do that since going “meatless” is becoming such a worldwide trend.

    Have an amazing semester, girl! ❤

    • Skirts and tights are great for mixing things up in the winter!

      I was so surprised they weren’t accommodating either, especially since they do have other vegetarian options! It’s definitely disappointing but I’ll know to pick something else in the future.

  6. I wish Pei Wei would leave the chicken out of the summer rolls. I used to love them! I think they are premade though. Panera has some random sandwiches that they won’t change either and it’s because they are premade.
    I want to try the mocha raspberry waffle!! That sounds like an amazing breakfast!

  7. I love color coding stuff… It makes looking at my school materials much more interesting. Plus the colors entertain me haha
    Boo and I hate it when places don’t leave a dish vegetarian! They really ought to, especially these days when plenty of the population is either vegetarian or vegan!
    Great outfit too girl, you are adorable and gorgeous 😀

  8. Kim @ Eat, Live, and Blog says:

    Love all of your eats, especially that carrot cake oats! It sounds delicious and something I want to create. 🙂

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