Best Of…December!

Hey everyone! Have you been enjoying your weekend so far? I can’t believe we’re already a week into the new year, it’s completely crazy. I feel like just yesterday it was Christmas, but that was already 2 weeks ago!

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about my monthly “Best Of…” post! I love recapping my favorite moments from the previous month, and even though I just did a 2011 recap post, I almost neglected a recap of December.

Best Recipe: Coffee Maple Pecan Butter

I probably had the most recipes ever this month, from raw salted caramel dip to nutty cherry chocolate chunk cookies to raw mini pecan pies. All were delicious and devoured (I was surprised that my dad ate half of the cookies–he really loved them!) but this nut butter takes the cake. It was my first attempt at making nut butter, and since it was so successful, I hope to make another kind soon.

Best Fun Post: Oh We Need a Little Christmas [Inspiration]

I love looking for random inspiring photos on Pinterest and weheartit, so this was just a fun little way to get in the Christmas spirit!

Best Challenge: Jumping on the Bandwagon

I joined in on the NaNeFoMo train, and I didn’t regret it. In fact, I want to make it one of my goals for this year to try one new food each month. Food ruts and ‘safe foods’ are fine and all but if I truly want to challenge my ED and find new food loves, I’ve gotta branch out and try new things. Kombucha and vegan marshmallows are still on my list!

Best Really Long Post: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Super long post, but then again when isn’t a recap post really long, especially a Christmas recap post? Christmas 2011 was honestly one of the best Christmases I’ve had in a while, not sure why–maybe because we actually had a ton of snow and got to go sledding? Yeah, that was probably it 😉

Best Fashion Post: Shopping & Sledding

Sadly, it was my only fashion post of the month, but I really want to get back to doing my Style Phile posts every once in a while. Fashion is one of my obsessions, so I’d like to include it a little more on this blog. After all, it’s not all about the food!

What was the best part of December for you? Christmas, and Christmas break!

What are you anticipating in January? Starting my new classes in about a week. 

22 thoughts on “Best Of…December!

  1. I love this! You sure made some awesome progress in December with getting out of the food rut! And yay for homemade nut butter goodness 🙂
    I’m excited to start classes in a week as well, I guess I’m slowly changing from a nerd to a super nerd haha

  2. The best part of my december has been the anticipation before christmas. 🙂
    I also think I could benefit a lot from NaNeFoMo; if you want to,we can indeed continue doing something similar together. We could share our “goals” at the beginning of each month – it would be motivating to really do it AND more fun than doing it on our own! 😉

  3. I loved Christmas!!! I’m looking forward to my birthday in 19 days! WOOHOOO! I definitely like how you had a lot of recipe post this month! I love looking at all the amazing looking food. I really want to make some of your raw desserts you made! 🙂

  4. Trying new foods is so much fun! Last year one of my goals was to try at least two new foods a month, but I think I far surpassed that. I love broadening my diet! I’m looking back to getting back into running (Again) in january. I mean, I started the month off on a good note, but now I’m already back off my feet! It’s so frustrating!

  5. Aw, this is an awesome recap! December was an amazing month for you. I love that you’ve been posting so many great raw recipes since I’m LOVING raw foods right now too!
    Getting to spend 3 weeks at home with my family was definitely the highlight of my month. And Christmas, of course! ❤

  6. Your recipes last month were awesome! Best part of December was easily a long Christmas weekend with the fam. This month I’m looking forward to wrapping up my half marathon training!

  7. writingandrecovering says:

    Great recap! I hope your January is amazing. The best part of December for me had to be getting to see my boyfriend home from college almost the entire month. I’m looking forward to this month wrapping up and moving on to february, march, april, may, and finally june

  8. I have no idea why I haven’t been to your blog yet… I LOVE it! And it looks like you’ve had a great month! Drooling over that pecan butter. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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