Saturday Seven: Home Sweet Home

Well, by the title of my post I’m pretty sure you can guess that I’m home 😀 I have been since about 9 on Thursday night and I’ve had so much fun so far! I’ll explain this in my Saturday Seven, so let’s do it to it (sorry I’m such a dork 😉 )

1. I can’t wait to wear these booties!

I am ob-sessed with these!

Ever since I bought my brown tall boots I’ve been totally head-over-heels (haha, get it?) in love with boots of all kinds. And I’ve had my heart set on these Aldo Pirnie booties in particular since earlier this fall. When my grandpa sent me an Amazon gift card for an early Christmas present, and I saw they had these boots for $28, I snapped them up. They came on Tuesday, and they were probably the reason I was most excited to come home (just kidding!) I finally got to try them on on Thursday night and they fit perfectly and look super adorable. The only problem is, my dad said I can’t wear them til after Christmas, since they are technically a Christmas present. Boooooo 😦 Dads just don’t understand that we girls want to show off our new clothes 😛

2. I’m on a salad kick, and loving it

It basically looked like this, except for with a different salsa and there was lettuce of course!

Monday night when my mom dropped me off after my weather anchor audition (I spent a long weekend at home), we hit up my favorite salad place, Mad Greens, and I got the Don Quixote, which is one of my fave salads there. It had lettuce (duh), mango chunks (yes please!), fresh avocado, corn and black beans. Not a fan of corn at all, but the salad was still good. On Thursday night my mom and I grabbed dinner at Qdoba on our way outta town, and I got the naked vegetarian taco salad. The naked part just means it is in a bowl instead of a taco shell. I was starving, so I went to town on that baby! It was basically lettuce, black beans, corn salsa, habanero salsa (which was soooo hot, but soooo good!) and their fat free picante ranch dressing. That dressing is so delicious, but definitely not overpowering, and it made for a delicious dinner. Then yesterday, my sister and I had a nice lunch at Panera, where I got the Thai Chopped salad, minus the chicken and wontons. The peanut sauce, edamame and cashew clusters really make the salad and again, I devoured it. No shame! I’ve been craving salads like crazy, since at school I mostly just eat in my dorm and don’t have space for lettuce. You best believe I am stocking up on salad greens ASAP to make my own salad creations at home!

3. Need someone to unpack your stuff? Just call me!

Recycled from Thanksgiving break, but you get the picture! Obviously too tired after all that unpacking to snap a new pic.

Friday morning, I went to town unpacking the two giant suitcases I brought back half my life in. I think it took me like 20 minutes at the most, and it’s all unpacked. I think you just gotta get in the groove, and it doesn’t feel like work. If you put it off, it’ll just suck when you finally get around to it. Plus, I’m somewhat of a neat freak, and can’t stand having too many things out on the floor. Drives me nuts.

4. Colorado doesn’t get white Christmases

SNOW...oh wait, just kidding, that's basically just frost!

That picture above was taken last year on Christmas Eve…does it looks like snow to you? Ummmm, no. Seriously, we have a much better chance of it snowing on Easter than on Christmas here. And Halloween, too. Bizarre weather much? Apparently in the last 100 years, only 13% of the time has Colorado had a white Christmas, where it either snowed on Christmas day, or there was snow on the ground on the day. How sad is that? I’m hoping it snows this year, or at least the snow that’s still on the ground sticks around for another week…

5. There’s a sequel to “Santa Baby”…

Don’t ask about the weird  image that’s with the song. But anyways, my mom told me that she heard this song for the first time the other day (it’s called “This Year’s Santa Baby”) and since then, I’ve heard it twice. It has the same melody, but new and kinda funny lyrics. But apparently, it was never a hit, which is probably why it’s rarely played. But if you have Sirius XM radio, definitely check out the Holiday Traditions station because they’ve been playing it a lot!

6. I could totally live in a bottle of Bath & Body Works’ Vanilla Bean Noel lotion

It smells like cookies and magic!

Uh, yeah, don’t mind me over here smelling my lotion bottle like a crazy person. I can’t help it, BBW has the best lotion scents. This one is truly amazing. Don’t tell anyone, but I kinda want to eat it…

7. I really want lace shorts for Christmas

These ones in particular, from Abercrombie Kids!

I’m kinda obsessed with the shorts and tights (with boots!) trend for winter, and what better way to dress up the combo than with lacy shorts? I think they’re completely cute and I’m really hoping I get them. I like these grey ones, since white seems too summery and I already have a pair of navy shorts.

What is your favorite salad from a restaurant? Do you like the lacy shorts trend for winter?

24 thoughts on “Saturday Seven: Home Sweet Home

  1. That salad you had sounded incredible! And I’ve never smelled that bath and body works lotion, but your description sold me–I HAVE to find some!! 😀
    So glad you’re enjoying time at home, isn’t it the bomb to finally let our brains turn to slush?!

  2. LOVE your boots girl! The ones in this post and the other ones you linked to. IM SO IN LOVE WITH BOOTS it ain’t even funny. They’re so darn cute to pair with skinny jeans. Your salads all sound amazing and now Im kind of craving a salad…
    I don’t know why, but the santa baby link reminded me of something. Have you watched Mariah Carey and Justin Biebers “all i want for christmas is you” ? Oh dear. It’s kinda gross. I’m not gunna lie. Just because she’s so much older than him and she’s trying to act all sexy…oh gawd. xO lol

    • Oh, ewww I can’t believe she’d be doing that with him! That’s just so wrong!

      I’m majorly obsessed with boots too but I really do need to get some skinny jeans so I can mix it up and not always wear tights or leggings with them.

  3. I love those boots!! I’ve been craving greens a lot lately too, maybe it’s to balance out all this Christmas junk food I’ve been eating? My favorite food is Greek food!! I’ve been obsessed with it lately.

  4. Hey, at least you got frost on Christmas. I wore short sleeves this week (and I am ALWAYS cold). My husband wore shorts. In fact, my job had a “Ugly Christmas Sweater” lunch and it was too hot for sweaters, in fact people were wearing shorts and Christmas t-shirts, haha.

    Gotta love the South. But I’m kinda surprised because I always thought Colorado was colder?

    Your new boots are really adorable! I got some tall brown boots and really love them, I don’t have any short boots, though.

    So awesome that you’re good at unpacking things… half the time I lived out of a suitcase over Christmas break from college. I can be a neat freak too but not right now because of having my wisdom tooth out, I’m just being lazy and there are clothes and hoodys all over my floor. I haven’t gotten out much and my pajamas have gotten more wear than cute boots or sweaters!

    • Wow, that’s kinda nice that it was so warm, but I’m sure you’d like a white Christmas every once in awhile. Colorado can definitely get a little cold, but usually it’s in the 40s and sunny in the winter, and we can even get random days that are 60 degrees! So you really have to be prepared for almost anything haha!

  5. Ooh the lacy shorts are adorable!! I didn’t even know that was a trend! I’ll have to search for a pair. I’m also loving those boots!! I’m always hesitant to wear anything with a heel for some reason, but I think they are so cute.
    My favorite salad would be hard to choose. I’m a salad fiend. It’s between a greek salad, panera’s fuji apple, and california pizza kitchen’s grilled vegetable salad.

    • I’ve been loving the heeled boots lately too, as long as the heel isn’t too high since I do want them to be wearable.

      Greek salads are so good, and I love some of CPK’s salads too, but I’ve yet to try that fuji apple salad–it sounds delicious though!

  6. Those boots are amazing! I literally wear boots 24/7 during the winter and heeled boots are the best. And I juuust bought a pair of lace shorts from Urban Outfitters the other day- I’m in love! You should definitely get some. The ones from Abercrombie Kids are super cute! 🙂
    And girl, I’m the same way…I always unpack first thing when I get home and try to get it done as quickly as possible. Enjoy every minute of being home with your family!

  7. I LOVE the Metropolis salad from Green Fine Salad in downtown Denver….love love love. I think the shorts look is really cute, but my cold tolerance sucks, and I’d rather have something warmer than leggings. Maybe on the warmer days for me 🙂

  8. Oh my god,we definitely have the same liking when it comes to fashion!
    I ADORE your boots and those shorts are incredibly cute! ♥

    I’ve honestly never thought of adding mango to my salad,but now that you mentiones it,I’m dying to try it out… I love mangoes and salads with a fruity kick,so it must taste AWESOME!

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