Christmas Came Early!

Hi everyone! I can’t believe how close we are to Christmas, it’s craaaaaaaazy! I am so excited for the big day, of course, but also to finally be free of school. I have one more final tomorrow afternoon and then I’m home free–literally! College is super awesome because they give you a month off. Honestly, that’s all I really want for Christmas, but some presents are a nice bonus πŸ˜‰

Because I’m obviously in the Christmas spirit, I decided to share a few things from my life lately that are somewhat holiday-related. First up is (part of) a survey, from Β Alexandra andΒ Tara. I love doing surveys and a Christmas one is even better! I kinda shortened it so this post wouldn’t be quite as monstrous. I also was awarded the Versatile Blogger award by Lindsay, which was super sweet of her, and since I’m doing this survey, it kinda counts as my seven random facts, right? Either that or I’m just too lazy to come up with seven more things about me πŸ˜€

1. Eggnog or hot chocolate?

I’m gonna go with eggnog, but I like the Silk Nog, not the regular way-too-sweet-and-rich stuff. The Nog is so good without being too much.

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just set them under the tree?

He definitely wraps them, but his handwriting and wrapping paper is different, so you can tell who it’s from πŸ˜‰

3. Colored or white lights on the tree/house?

In a perfect world, I would have pink lights on everything! But I think white looks so classy and wintery on houses.

4. Do you hang mistletoe?

Ermmmm, no. I always think it’s super awkward if there is mistletoe for some reason.

5. When do you put your decorations up?

Usually the weekend after Thanksgiving. We like to have them up early, and don’t take them down until sometime in January!

6. What is your favorite holiday dish (besides dessert)?

Gosh, I was totally going to say a dessert since that’s the best part! We don’t always have the same thing, but I remember last year we had chili lime pasta with grilled shrimp and it was sooooo good!

7. Favorite holiday memory as a child?

My dad used to always read short Christmas stories to us on Christmas Eve right before we’d go to bed–I used to fall asleep though!

8. What’s on your Christmas wishlist?

Lots of clothes, because I’m a total shopaholic and also a vegan cookbook.

9. Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve?

Nope, never! We always save them til Christmas morning and we try not to rush through opening them. We open stockings first, then have breakfast and get dressed and then finally open presents. When I was little, I always just wanted to open all my presents right away!

10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree?

The one in my dorm is tiny, but it has ornaments that match my bedding–so it’s pink, red, purple and orange! The one in my bedroom at home has blue lights and aqua and silver and green ornaments and the main tree has a ton of random ornaments that we put up every year. My favorite one is a mini book about Humpty Dumpty–don’t ask πŸ˜‰

11. Snow–love it or dread it?

I always love the first snow because it’s so beautiful, but I hate when it sticks around and gets all dirty. I also love snow on Christmas, but it rarely happens here. We almost always get snow on Easter in Colorado, though, which is super bizarre!

12. Real tree or fake tree?

We’ve never had a real tree because my mom has allergy issues with plants, but I think our fake one looks just fine! Plus we can reuse it year after year!

13. Do you remember your favorite gift?

I got a doll house when I was like 3 or 4 and I was soooooo excited about it! I loved playing with it for years afterwards.

14. What’s the most important thing about Christmas to you?

Being with my amazing family and remembering that Jesus is the reason for the season (so cheesy, I know, but true!)

15. What is your favorite holiday dessert?

Peppermint bark! I’m on a mission to veganize it this year, so check back for a recipe hopefully soon! I’m also kinda in love with the festive garland bars I made over Thanksgiving break, so those are a definite must-make-again.

I think I mentioned in one of my recent posts that I got some free goodies from iHerb just for reviewing their products on my blog! How nice of them! I just got the package the other day and I swear I thought it was Christmas morning, I was so excited to rip into it!

Delicious free food is a great early Christmas present!

They sent me an Earnest Eats baked whole food bar in choco peanut butter, a jar of Artisana walnut butter with cashews and a 15-pack variety bag of organic lollipops! If that isn’t a great package I don’t know what is! The great part about all these products is that they’re completely vegan (even the lollipops) and have awesome ingredients. So far, I’ve only tried the walnut butter, which is subtle but sweet and nutty. I love having a new nut butter to add to my growing collection, which now includes crunchy almond butter, almond peanut cashew butter and homemade coffee maple pecan butter! I’ll let you guys know what I think of the other two products once I try them out. Thanks again so much, iHerb!

And finally, another early Christmas “present”…my last sweet potato! You can bet I savored this bad boy–topped with vegan chocolate chips and peanut flour paste. Chocolate chips sound like a weird topping, but trust me, it was sooooo good, since they got all melty on top of the hot potato!

Now I want to have a sweet potato again...

What was your favorite gift ever? How do you top your sweet potato?

23 thoughts on “Christmas Came Early!

  1. Yay for surveys!! I’m glad someone else out there doesn’t open presents on Christmas eve πŸ™‚
    DUDE iHerb rocks! I mean walnut butter?! I probably would’ve died of excitement haha
    I had my last sweet potato in the fridge today too! I blended it in a smoothie after I worked out mmmm But when they’re hot and baked, I lovvveee putting sunflower seed butter and cottage cheese or greek yogurt on top. I’m drooling just thinking about it haha
    Good luck on your last test tomorrow!

    • Mmmmmm, nut butter and Greek yogurt are the best toppings for sweet potatoes! I’m thinking I really need to try some sunflower seed butter soon because it sounds heavenly!

  2. Kim @ Eat, Live, and Blog says:

    I love survey! I love snow too but, like you, I hate it when it gets dirty. It just look dirty. It snowed on christmas last year where I live and I loved it! It was beautiful. I’m hoping it will snow again on christmas this year too. πŸ™‚

  3. I love these kinds of surveys :).

    Those lollipops are really good! I bought some at TJ Maxx and they are great, definitely the most flavorful lollipops ever and I wasn’t expecting anything that great honestly, so I was surprised.

    I just had a wisdom tooth removed and can’t really have chunky PB right now, but I’m definitely enjoying some creamy ones :).

    • Ooh, that’s good to know about the lollipops, can’t wait to try them! And sorry about the wisdom tooth removal, I remember that being pretty painful, but it was a good excuse to eat soft foods!

  4. Have you tried the so delicious egg nog? It’s awesome!! I love the not terribly sweet versions of eggnog much better than the real stuff. I’ve never tried the silk brand though! It’s on my “to buy” list!
    I like adding greek yogurt and cinnamon to sweet potatoes. Well, I like adding greek yogurt and cinnamon to a lot of things to be honest, but that combination is definitely a favorite of mine!

    • I’ve never tried the So Delicious kind, but I do love the Silk one! Definitely better than real eggnog.

      Haha, cinnamon and Greek yogurt are also some of my favorites, they’re so good with almost anything!

  5. I LOVE THIS πŸ˜€ I love learning more about you ❀ great survey πŸ˜€

    I have that walnut butter too πŸ™‚ Heads up, it is GREAT mixed with millet for breakfast OR spred inside celery πŸ˜€

  6. I love surveys,it is such a fun way to get to know more about people out there! πŸ˜€
    This survey is especially great because it deals with Christmas… πŸ˜› I gotta do it,too,later on,but I’ll have to go and get my German exam done… Boo! 😦
    Good luck on your last exam,by the way!

  7. I love this survey! I can’t wait to share it on my blog.
    Reading all of your answers was so much fun. I had my last sweet potato last night! Good thing I’m going home tomorrow and my momma always has sweet potatoes in the house. Lately they’ve been so good I haven’t had to top them with anything- but So Delicious yogurt and almond butter are my two favorite toppings. Chocolate chips sound amazing though!
    Best of luck on your last exam! You’re sooo close to being done. πŸ™‚

  8. Santa wraps all my gifts too! Apparently he knows my mom is a christmas wrapping freak, haha. I love making little sweet potato medallions and eating them with ketchup (which I absolutely hated until I ate it with sweet potatoes!)

  9. nicole says:

    ha! i remember when these things circulated around the college email system during my freshman year (2000). they were so much fun! i preferred to call them “questionnaires.” πŸ˜‰

    my favourite christmas gift ever? GWENDOLYN. x

  10. writingandrecovering says:

    Love the survey! I still need to have a sweet potato. I love them but my mom hates them so I never get to have them. Yours looks delish.

  11. As a child growing up every Christmas my mom would have us watch A Christmas story. We loved it and sometimes even watched it when it was not Christmas. I think it is funny that every year it is popular and stores are still selling its merchandise. The movie has become a Christmas classic. I have so many favorites it is hard to tell which one part I like best. I have conviced my husband to watch it with me this year.
    Happy Holidays and thanks for your post!

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