WIAW: With a Side of Survey

Hiya guys! I can’t tell you how glad I am that I’m not the only one who seems to be stressed out around this time of year! For any of you currently in the same boat as me (finals, packing, etc.)–hang in there! We will make it through, and today is one day closer to freedom break.

I decided to interrupt my studying (ummmm who am I kidding, I haven’t started yet!) and bring you this week’s edition of WIAW, aka the best part-ay ever! I mean who wouldn’t want to party it up in the midst of finals and projects? I know I do so let’s get to it! This week’s version includes a fun little survey brought to you by Tessa at Amazing Asset.

1. Four TV Shows I Watch

  • The Office—OMG, so funny! I started watching this show religiously a couple of seasons ago and haven’t stopped since. It isn’t quite the same with Steve Carell (aka Michael Scott) around, but it’s still hilarious
  • What Not to Wear—probably my favorite show. Stacy and Clinton aren’t afraid to tell people that their style is horrendous, and I love seeing the before & after, and their shopping trips.
  • Saturday Night Live—okay, maybe this is my favorite show? This show makes me crack up every time, and I love watching it with my family. Looking forward to some hilarious fam time over winter break catching up on SNL. Seriously, we are so obsessed that we constantly quote the sketches.
  • The news—haha I watch the local news on a pretty much daily basis, whether I’m at home or at school. What can I say, I’m a broadcast journalism major and I pretty much have anchors who are my idols on the local news!

Breakfast of champions: (last) Clif Kids full moon brownie bar, spicy veggie sausage, gummy dinosaur vitamins, frozen pineapple/banana chunks.

2. Four Things I’m Passionate About

  • Healthy living. One positive thing that’s stemmed from my eating disorder is my passion for eating healthy. I am now vegetarian/semi-vegan and it just feels right for me. I also like to stay active in fun ways like playing tennis with my dad and sister, going for a long bike ride or a major shopping trip  😉
  • My faith. I don’t mention it a lot on here, but I have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, and it really fuels everything I do. I’ve been  Christian my whole life but my faith has grown even more as I’ve struggled with things during the past few years.
  • Fashion. I really need to do another  Style Phile post on here soon, because I’m missing having a fashion outlet through blogging. I am not the kind of girl who goes to class in sweats or jeans and a t-shirt. That being said, I do think comfort and style can go together and that’s how I strive to dress.
  • Staying true to myself. Sometimes, yeah, I do feel out of place for not going out and partying every weekend (or ever…) but I remind myself that that’s just not who I am and I know personally that that’s not what I consider fun. I prefer hanging out with people on a closer basis and just doing low-key things and that’s perfectly okay.

Seems like a bizarre lunch, but I promise you it was delicious! 1/2 cup organic kettle corn (my new addiction), tablespoon peanut flour sauce, plain Greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon and Truvia.

3. Four Words/Phrases I Use A Lot

  • Like, especially when I’m nervous!
  • Definitely. It’s pretty much my go-to phrase.
  • Haha. That one is definitely overused in my text messaging!
  • That sucks! So creative, I know!

Apples and peanut flour sauce are a match made in my mouth 😉

4. Four Things I’ve Learned in the Past

  • Don’t take things too personally. Honestly, I am still so bad at this. I get emotional really easily and I read too much into people’s words and reactions. But really, most of the time, people don’t care that much about me, so I should just move on.
  • Comparisons suck. I am so done with comparing myself to others, it’s just completely pointless and has it ever made anyone feel better about themselves?
  • Making excuses all the time can really bite you in the butt. I make excuses a lot and while they sometimes work to my advantage, sometimes I just need to suck it up and do the work.
  • I am so glad I’m not majoring in a math-related field. Pretty self-explanatory, but I am so over math and science. I definitely wasn’t expecting to have to take some classes in it in college…

And this is why I've stopped taking pictures of my dinner! The sun sets basically at like 5 pm, so lighting at a quarter to 7 is awfulness. But it honestly was good--volume oats topped with peanut flour sauce (I'm on a roll with this, obvs) and organic raspberry jam, with a side of cinnamon-spiked butternut squash.

5. Four Places I’d Like to Go

  • Somewhere in the Caribbean. I love that whole tropical atmosphere, plus the water there is gorgeous!
  • Mall of America. Shopaholic over hurrrrr! Haha but seriously, this mall has everything (or so I’ve heard). I just need a ton of cash to spend first!
  • Australia. I’d actually love to go there this time of year (when it’s summer there) and spend Christmas on the beach or something. It would probably blow my mind.
  • A vegan/raw restaurant. They have these in a few places across the U.S. but they just sound so yummy whenever someone posts about going there. The food seems so creative and I’d love to try a raw recreation of some of my fave foods.

This banana looks suspiciously vibrant...with some almond peanut cashew butter and a couple of vegan dark chocolate chips.

6. Four Things I Did Yesterday (I’m writing this on Tuesday, so it’s what I did Monday)

  • Gave a presentation in my PR class. My group did pretty well I think, but I just can’t wait to be done with the project altogether. Just some issues I’m having with the group…
  • Did NOT slip on random ice patches in my new heeled boots. We had to dress professional for the presentation (I was basically the only one who really did) so I decided to wear my boots with tights and a dress. Luckily, I didn’t slip on the stupid random patches of ice all around campus.
  • Took an hour-long nap around 5:30. I try not to nap so late in the day, so it doesn’t wreck my sleep schedule, but I was honestly so exhausted yesterday that it felt good to just rest. I didn’t really sleep much, but it was still a nice break.
  • Continued to count down to Christmas break. Yeah, it’s down to only 8 days total, as of Wednesday!

And finally, for a pin of the day--how women see color vs. how men see color. So. True.

7. Four Things I Love About Winter

  • Starbucks holiday drinks and red cups. You could say I’m obsessed.
  • The holidays. Christmas and New Year’s, it doesn’t get any better than that!
  • Wearing tights and boots together. It’s one of my favorite outfit combos—sometimes I wear (different) tights and boots every day of the week!
  • How pretty snow is when it’s falling. Once it’s on the ground and frozen over so you slip every few seconds, not so much…

What is one thing you love about winter? Do you have a peanut flour obsession?

27 thoughts on “WIAW: With a Side of Survey

  1. nicole says:

    i’m completely enamoured with winter fashion and have been so since 1996 when i viewed and wrote a paper on dr. zhivago!!! fashion at its most amazing, in my opinion.

    this is a fabulous post, mademoiselle, but you cannot describe such a fantastic outfit without posting a photograph! remember this requirement next time you do not slip upon random ice patches in new heeled boots. 🙂 BOOT PHOTOGRAPHS ARE MANDATORY!

    you’re so lovely. enjoy your last few days of classes. x

  2. Peanut flour has become a staple in my diet ever since trader joes started (And stopped) carrying it. It’s such a great source of protein and makes the best muffins ever!!

  3. What not to wear is the best! Did you see the new episode last night?! That lady looked like a completely new chick! 😀
    I also loved the 4 things you’ve learned, they’re so true. 🙂 Peanut flour sauce is my life too, I crave the stuff! I also can’t get enough of it with Greek yogurt mmm
    Happy WIAW!

  4. The one time I went to the Mall of America, my friends and I were stuck with a 9 hour layover. We got there and couldn’t figure out why ALL of the stores were closed and NOBODY was inside the mall. Then we remembered it was Easter. boo. Oh, and if you love funny shows, you’ve got to watch Modern Family!

  5. honestly, mall of america isn’t that great. it’s like going on a cruise ship if you really like sailing. (you’re not getting the real experience, just tourism). there are WAY too many people and any mall that uses space for a roller coaster instead of more stores doesn’t have its priorities straight!

  6. Hahaha,we’re so alike,girl! This could’ve been my own post,honestly…Especially #4 is EXACTLY the same for me,too! And I love tights & boots,I could literally were them the whole time through without getting bored… There are just so many pretty tights out there; when I go shopping,I always spend hours looking for tights.even if I actually have so many at home… 😛 But you can never have TOO many,huh?!
    Oh,and yes,I’ve got a serious peanut flour problem! That stuff is just too good to resist… I just ordered some new peanut flour so hopefully I won’t have to miss it over the holidays!

    • Yesssssss I can never have too many tights either! There’s just so many options out there!

      That reminds me to order more peanut flour soon–I wouldn’t want to have to go without either!

  7. writingandrecovering says:

    I love the holidays that happen in winter and some of the cute warm stuff I get to wear.

  8. I love winter because I get to wear big comfy sweatshirts and slippers everywhere without people thinking I’m a total nutcase because it’s 90 degrees outside. Not my fault I like to me comfy 24/7 😀 And I recently tried peanut sauce for the first time last week and I wasn’t very impressed. It has a funny taste to me and I much rather peanut butter. I need a way to get ride of it so I request a recipe when you’re available to cook/bake during your winter break 😀

  9. survivingcandyland says:

    What not to wear! Yes. Stacy and Clinton are quite harsh, but I love it. I always want them to take me shopping, but I don’t have bad style so that will never happen :(. On more fashion, I would love to go to Mall of America too. Lets hit that mother up and shop till we drop!!

  10. Love those starbucks cups too! Do you have an iphone (they may have it on the droid too)? If so they have an app that you take a picture of your starbucks cup and the little character becomes animated. It’s too effin’ cute

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