What I’ve (Been Wanting to Eat) Wednesday

Hey ladiessssss I loved reading about all your Thanksgiving fun slash shopping adventures. I know I’m going to give H&M another chance, I just think it wasn’t such a great experience since a lot of stuff was picked over, but what can you expect the week of Black Friday?

Basically I haven’t taken any pictures since coming back from break, I’m just so burned out with projects, studying for finals and work stuff–I am so ready to be done. Thanksgiving was kinda like a little teaser for winter break so I’m hoping the next 15 days go by quickly so I can be outta here! But I love WIAW way too much to not participate in some way or another, so I decided to dig up some older food pics and make this week’s theme about things I’ve been wanting to eat lately.

I’m in the dorms, so it’s required to have a meal plan. Last year, I went a few times a week with my roommate (before our relationship got really awful) but then around October, I stopped going that much. Second semester was basically the same–I just wasn’t diggin’ the dining hall. Luckily I had a microwave in my room to cook stuff in. This year, I’ve been to the dining hall a whopping two times, and both were the first weekend of school. Yeah, can you say bad resident? The only thing that’s somewhat decent there is the salad bar, but I’m too lazy to go there. So I’ve been making do with my dorm, which this year is equipped with a micro and two fridges. Mini, of course, but still. And for the most part, I really love what I’ve been able to make in my room. But going home over break made me miss the oven and stove and grill and a real freezer and…you get the picture. Plus I miss being able to go out to eat occasionally with my fam, so this edition of WIAW is all about what I really want to eat.

Cinnamon-spiked apple, millet bread topped with crunchy AB and a date.

Breakfast: You know how much I miss being able to use a toaster? A LOT! I can’t ever have toast, or English muffins or waffles because of the stupid rule of not being able to have a toaster in the dorms. So dumb.

Qdoba naked veggie fajita burrito with grilled squash and onions, black beans, pico de gallo, cilantro lime rice and black beans.

Lunch: My lunches now are always something quick and easy, like some Greek yogurt and fruit or a Clif Mojo bar. But as much as I love those things, they get old fast. I haven’t been to Qdoba/Chipotle since I took this picture way back in August, and I miss their naked burritos, which are like a burrito in a bowl. I especially love the grilled veggies!

Yogurt mess with chocolate Oikos, vanilla Bear Naked granola and banana slices.

Snack: Okay, honestly, there’s nothing really stopping me from making a yogurt mess for snack. But…well…I haven’t. I’ve just been eating Greek yo’ on its own, or granola on its own, but not together. I guess I’m lazy?

Vegan Philly sandwich, carrots, waffle fries.

Dinner: This was something I made for mi familia way back during spring break. The inspiration just came to me randomly, and I decided to roll with it. I’ve never been a big Philly sandwich fan (since I never loved beef) but this vegan version was awesome. Seriously, try it! It was basically sautéed peppers and onions, vegan cheese slices and Gardein beefless tips. So easy but so delicious.

Raw brownie pie with raspbs and coffee froyo.

Dessert: Honestly, I was planning on making a version of my raw brownie pie topped with pumpkin Greek yogurt mousse over Thanksgiving break, but I already made the festive garland bars and didn’t want too many desserts around. Not that that’s a bad thing, since both are pretty healthy, but I didn’t want my mom getting on my case for making so many! But I really need to make a minty version of this over winter break. I’m going to experiment because I miss these delicious raw treats.

What have you been wanting to eat this week? Do you like Qdoba or Chipotle?


25 thoughts on “What I’ve (Been Wanting to Eat) Wednesday

  1. nicole says:

    on the website of peas and crayons, i viewed a photograph of “the best seafood bisque and veggie sandwich combo evah!” the picture looks amazingly scrumptious, and now i’m craving it!

    i SO get your dining hall woes! it seems like a lifetime ago yet just like yesterday in the same breath. can’t wait for your christmas break food posts!

    happy wednesday, girlfriend! x

  2. I’ve never tried Qdoba, but I like chipotle! I love getting the burrito bowls with copious amounts of guacomole. Your picture with the waffle fries is making me want them!

  3. Very interesting blog and good photos, I’m not convinced to become vegan though! I miss toast too but for different reasons, I can’t eat it for health reasons.

  4. Dude I barely ate in the dining halls either, I just got kinda sick of the same stuff over and over. You can bet my mini fridge was filled to the brim with goodies haha 😉 Your eats rock! Especially that group dessert mmm!
    Hope you have an amazing day my friend!!

  5. Oh my gosh. I hated eating in the dining halls, and mine were decent lolz. I had a minifridge and my roommate had a minifridge back when we lived on campus. Now we both just live off campus and have a huge fridge that you would think a family of four is living there!

  6. I’ve driven by Qdoba 1000 times, but I always had no idea what it is. And I’m just not into chipotle… I guess Mexican isn’t too much of my thing…

    But I would love summa those fries you have 😉

    I know eating on a meal plan blows. I lived in a dorm my first year of college and we weren’t allowed to have a fridge or a microwave AND I’m gluten intolerant. It was so bad I just had to move back home…

    • Waffle fries are soooooo good, I wish I could find them in sweet potato form!

      That must have really sucked! I can’t imagine not being able to have a fridge or a microwave and then being gluten intolerant on top of that. I don’t blame you for moving back home!

  7. I’m not big on H&M either. I’ve been to them all over the country, and seldom find stuff that I like. At least you’ll get to live in a sweet apartment next year! I personally am a Chipotle fan 🙂 All week I’ve been excited to eat at Linger in the Highlands area of Denver, and tonight is the night!!

  8. I’m so jealous you have a Chipotle! I have a Moes which is pretty good but I heard Chipotle is a whole lot better and healthier. All this food looks great! Im looking forward to see your recipes during winter break! 🙂

  9. Okay, I’ve never even heard of Qdoba, and I’ve heard of Chipotle but never been there. We have a Moe’s here, maybe it’s like that, but I hope not bc I don’t like Moe’s. Anyway, I think the South is just weird.

    Your food all looks delish! I’m not an H&M fan either, I’ve only been there like once (once again, don’t have it here), but Abercrombie and Hollister I like :).

    I remember the freshman meal plan. I loved going to dinner to hang out with my friends but usually wound up eating salad or PB&J. What a healthy and diverse diet my parents were paying loads of money for, haha.

    • Qdoba is basically the same as Chipotle and they are both really good and fast Mexican-ish food.

      Haha I eat basically the same things at the dining hall on the rare occasions I go. The salad bar is decent and they always have an okay selection of cereal, but it’s definitely not diverse at all like you said!

  10. writingandrecovering says:

    I haven’t been to either of those places. I don’t plan to go to the college dining hall very much next year even though I’ll have to have a meal plan. I feel like if I have a microwave, which I will, then why would i go to the dining hall?

    • That’s exactly how I feel, I can cook up a lot of stuff in my microwave so the dining hall isn’t worth it. I don’t even feel too bad about wasting all those meals either.

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