Who New?

Heeeeeeey there! Glad to see there was a lot of Whole Foods lovin’ going on around here. I will hopefully be getting my cook/bake on in less than 2 weeks and making some or all of those things.

So lately in my life there’s been a lot of new stuff, which is always fun and exciting. So obviously, I had to make a little play on words (get it–who knew…who new…new things?) because that’s how I roll. So lets run down the list of new-ish things, shall we?

Who new…voluminous oats could change my life?

Dark chocolate java raspberry almond voluminous oats. Probably the best combo I've ever created, just sayin'.

Ignore the crapalicious quality of the pic, it was taken at like 9 pm. Cinnamon raisin voluminous oats. See how much they fill up the bowl?

 Ever since I discovered the joy of oats, I’ve been hooked. I’ve been whipping up overnight oats almost every day since this May, and I haven’t gotten sick of them yet. But…no more. I found CCK’s Voluminous Oatmeal Trick and I’ve abandoned my beloved overnighters in favor of thick, fluffy, volume-filled oats. Sure, I still eat them cold (for some reason, they are just SO good that way) but now they actually take a little prep work, which I don’t mind at all. Sure, they tend to spill in the micro which is annoying, but who wouldn’t want double the oats for the same amount of calories? I was shocked at the amount of oats my usual 1/4 cup made when I used this method. And the texture is pure awesomeness. Do I miss my overnighters? Well, yeah, but not enough to quit my addiction to voluminous oats!

Who new…Iron Chef America would do a challenge with oatmeal?

Okay, okay, so this episode isn’t exactly new (I found out it was from the 2010 season) but I just saw it for the first time on the Food Network a week or so ago. Usually, they do things like exotic veggies or something, but oatmeal? So cool to see for a self-proclaimed oats lover like me.

Who new…I’d have issues signing up for next semester’s classes?

My schedule so far. I'm still waiting on one class...

 Honestly, making your class schedule in college is way less stressful than in high school, at least at my university. But this year, I was freaking out because I need this one class to get an internship at a TV station this summer, and it’s a class mostly for juniors and seniors. I’m a sophomore. So I had to sign up for classes later, because of my class standing. A few days before my sign up date, there were only 4 slots out of 18 left. The day before, there were 2. And when I finally signed up for it, there was exactly one left. Yep, I got the last spot! I was so ecstatic to get it that I texted my dad about it. But signing up for other ones was more of a hassle. I need an additional comp class, and it’s a 300 level, so I thought I’d be able to get in no problem. Well…it wouldn’t let me, since I’m not a junior or senior. Urgh, what classes do they expect me to take then? I’ve already got most of my graduation requirements done or currently being finished. A lot of upper level journalism classes were already filled or didn’t work with the class I already signed up for. In the end, I’m taking two American history classes (for my option area, which is like a minor but less official), broadcast news and a weather and climate class (I’m considering being a TV meteorologist!). I also finally got into a TV studio production class that I needed an override for and I’m waiting on a business reporting workshop class to open up. If I get that, my spring semester looks pretty decent, no real math or science classes and a lot of journalism and history, which I love.

Who new…you can make a healthified sopapilla with just two ingredients?

Vintage-ized "sopapilla" picture.

 I can’t remember if I’ve ever actually had a sopapilla (maybe in a Spanish class fiesta a long time ago), but it wasn’t on my agenda to recreate one…but I did. A few nights ago, I was having a brown rice tortilla and on the side I had a little bit of honey. I was planning on making a wrap with the tortilla, honey, almond butter and butternut squash, but then I remembered how easily the tortillas fall apart. So I just ended up putting the honey in the tortilla, folding it over and well, it reminded me of a sopapilla for some reason! I mean, it actually does seem pretty similar to one, only way more healthy. Brown rice tortillas are pretty chewy like fried dough and putting honey on it sweetens it up just like with a real sopapilla. But you can feel good about eating this 2 ingredient “sopapilla” because it’s gluten-free, not fried and sweetened with just a little raw honey (well, if you use the ingredients I did). It makes a perfect little sweet snack.

Who new…cauliflower could be purple?

Purple overload! Purple cauliflower in a purple mini colander.

 I gotta admit, I was pretty weirded out myself when I first saw it at Whole Foods. But they were giving out samples of raw colored cauli and I just had to try it. It’s actually the same as regular cauliflower, just prettier. I always eat my cauli raw because it’s delish that way, especially dipped in spicy salsa!

Who new…I’d actually order something from iHerb?

My iHerb goodies. I Picnik'd this photo, in case you were wondering why it looks weird!

I’ve been dying to try ordering something from iHerb, but never got up the nerve until I saw a $5 off code I could use on my first order. Well, I knew right away what my first purchase would be–PB2! I have always wanted to try it, but didn’t really want to pay a lot for shipping and stuff on Amazon. With the $5 off, the chocolate PB2 was basically free, except for a measly $2 for shipping. Not half bad! And the verdict: so yummy! I think it’s fairly similar to peanut flour (probably my next purchase) and the chocolate doesn’t overpower the peanutty taste. And I love that it was so cheap. Overall, I really had a good experience with iHerb…and they included a little freebie in my package–some weird mushroom-infused coffee. Ermmmm, what? I guess I’ll try it, but I’m expecting to gag 😛

Oh, and P.S. for any of you who want to check out iHerb for the first time, you can use the code NOQ779. You can thank me later 😉 Just kidding, but iHerb is my new go-to for foodie finds.

And finally, thanks to the beautiful Brittany who awarded me with the Liebster award! How nice of her 😀


Liebster’ is German for ‘dearest’ or ‘beloved’ but it can also mean ‘favorite.’ The idea behind this award is to bring attention to blogs with fewer than 200 followers and show some support.
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So I’m gonna give it to… Chloe at LightOnMyFeet, Aja at Writing and Recovering, Michelle at Oats ‘n Bows, Kat at A Dash of Fairydust and Ragnhild at Vegan Aphrodite.

What’s new with you? Have you ever bought anything from iHerb?

28 thoughts on “Who New?

  1. Aww, thank you for picking me! That made my day haha. And I saw that episode on Next Iron Chef! It was awesome. I’ve always wanted to try purple cauliflower! No lie, it would be on the list of ‘what to do before I die’ if I had one. And this post just reminded me, I REALLY need to try overnight oats.. ha 🙂

  2. Purple cauliflower!?! Whoa that’s amazing 😀 and yay for PB2! That stuff is so addicting, I wish it wasn’t so expensive!
    You’re SO lucky you’re gonna be done with math and science! While I love biology, I HATE chemistry with a passion, so I’m totally jealous haha
    Enjoy your weekend girly! 🙂

  3. How cool, purple cauliflower! I have never tried PB2 but really want to… I think I shall order it soon 🙂
    I am going to try that oatmeal trick… I like when they are more voluminous for sure!
    Have a great weekend sweet girl 🙂

  4. writingandrecovering says:

    I really want your heart shapped bowl. I have PB2 in my cupboard but I don’t think I’ve tried it yet. I don’t have an excuse…
    And thanks for picking me! It really lifted me up today. 🙂
    Have an amazing weekend!

    • Glad I could make your day 😀 And I love my heart bowl too, I got it for Valentines Day this year at Target so I’m hoping they have more again next February so I can stock up!

  5. Ooooh,Ashley! Thank you SO MUCH for picking me,I don’t know how I deserve this award,but I feel so honoured! Thank you,thank you,thank you,you brought a HUGE smile to my face today! 😀
    You know what? We’re SO alike! I also love overnight oats,but lately,I’m in love with cooked oatmeal. For breakfast,I always cook it the evening before & put it in the fridge overnight because it tastes so DIVINE when cooled. 😉
    Purple cauliflower sounds fabulous as well,I’d be so interested in trying it!
    I recently ordered some stuff from iHerb for the first time and I will definitely do so again very,very soon!They sell so many great products i cannot buy anywhere here in Germany! I especially go for the cereal & nut butters… So good! 😉

  6. I love purple cauliflower! For some reason, the color just makes it even more exciting to eat. And when you roast it with brussel sprouts and squash it makes for the most colorful and delicious meal! I definitely recommend it.
    I can’t believe I haven’t tried CCK’s voluminous oatmeal trick yet. Considering I eat oatmeal almost every day, I need to! More oatmeal=happy Emily. 🙂

  7. Congrats on getting the last spot!! That must have been nerve racking though waiting all that time to register! I registered this week and I thought I was going to have a panic attack because the internet kept screwing up. 😛

  8. I’m not a huge fan of oats, but it’s been a while. I just can’t seem to get them right! I tried that trick once and it worked great, but the next time it didn’t. Oats are too frustrating for me!
    You have to try peanut flour!! It’s seriously my favorite ingredient ever. It bakes up nice, it flavors things nicely… Ahh I love it.

  9. LOVE that bowl! I see so many bloggers with those bowls but I’ve never gotten to the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon.

    I have to register for classes tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to it :/ I feel like its gonna be a lot of hullabaloo.

    Thank you so much for mentioning me girl 😀

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