WIAW: A Day in the Life

Have you ever wanted to see what someone else does in a day? I mean, WIAW is one thing (a good thing) but have you ever been curious about what a blogger does besides eating? Are you kidding me–all we do is eat 😉 Just kidding!

You asked for it (not really!) and here it is…a typical day in my life (inspired by Tara’s post last week)! Plus the usual WIAW eats in the appropriate spots throughout the day!

DISCLAIMER: My life is really not all that exciting so be warned 😉 Oh, and this is what a typical Tuesday/Thursday looks like (since it’s my busier day)…Monday/Wednesday/Friday and weekends are totally different.

7:00 a.m. Wake up. Get mad at my iPod alarm (just kidding!). Do my biz-nass (aka bathroom) and probably crawl back in bed for like 5 minutes.

7:20 ish to 8:15. Make and devour breakfast. Have the Today Show on tv but don’t really watch it (yeah, idk why I do this, but it feels better than just getting ready in silence). Brush teeth, makeup, hair, get dressed. I usually plan my outfits a week in advance ’cause I’m cool like that!

A day without overnight oats at least once...does not happen for me! Dark chocolate overnighters topped with half a Kashi cherry vanilla cereal bar. The toppings are always the best part!

8:15 to 8:35. Catch up on blog reading. Pack up all my school stuff. Check, recheck and recheck again that I have my keys (don’t wanna risk getting locked out!). Walk down 3 flights of stairs and head out to my first class.

9 to 9:50. Stats class. Ugh, can I just say how much I wish I was done with math already? I thought the basic math class I took last year was it, but nooooooo! I’m almost 99% positive this will be my last math class, though.

Yes, I'm totally rolling my eyes at stats class. Ugh, get me outta there 😦

10 to 11. Turn in stats recitation work. I never go to recitation (’cause it’s so lame and not required) so I always have to turn in the homework on Tuesday. Then I walk around campus until my next class, or end up stuck in the library printing something off for another class. I’m pretty much printing something every other day. I need to get a life printer.

11 to 12:15. American West Since 1900 class. So far, I’m liking this class. I love U.S. history, and Western history is even more exciting for me. Unfortch, we have a hugh jass paper due the week before Thanksgiving, but otherwise it’s okay.

12:15 to 12:50. Read blogs and eat lunch. I always go over to the building next door because it’s close and it has a bunch of awesome comfy seating. The internet kinda sucks in there, but oh well. I always have to eat on-the-go on Tuesday and Thursday since it doesn’t pay to walk all the way back to my room for like 10 minutes and then have to walk back. I usually pack a bar of some sort (my faves are Clif Mojo Mountain Mix and Pure Chocolate Brownie bars) since they’re not messy and some fruit and carrots. I’m so glad it’s apple season because apples are totally portable.

I love random lunch combos. Lately I've been feeling the AB&J vibe, so I paired Archer Farms almond butter with organic grape jelly, Kashi crackers and frozen nanner slices. All eaten on my colorful bed.

1 to 2:50. Newswriting class. If you think this class sounds really long, you’re right. It’s because it includes a “lab” component, which is not really a lab in our case, but more like newswriting assignments and practice. I actually love the class, because it’s for my major. Plus we do fun things like go on “field trips” and my professor is so chill. Love it!

2:50 to 3:05. Head back to my room. My walks have sucked a little bit lately, because of my foot pain. It’s gotten a little better, so I hope it’s healing and not a serious injury.

3:10 to 3:45. Snack time. I also squeeze a “cardio blast” circuit workout in there, and some minutes of yoga.

I just realized that they make the superfruits Oikos flavor in a 4 pack so I had to get it. It's my current fave flavor of Greek yogurt.

3:45 to 6. Homework. Well, in an ideal world this is what I’d be doing. In the real world, however, I usually end up looking up random things on the internet, like recipes or clothes, and then realize how much time has passed. Then I actually start doing homework.

6:30 ish to 7. Dinner time. It really depends on when I’m feeling hungry, but 6:30 is usually it. Now I can actually sit down and enjoy a meal without rushing. Of course, I can’t really cook (besides in the micro which doesn’t count) but at least it’s something. Oh, and btw, I almost always make my own dinner vs. going to the dining hall. I tried it a lot last year and I didn’t love it. When I do go, I usually end up grabbing something from the express area which is like a healthier convenience store or just get a salad from the salad bar.

If you think this dinner is bizarre and random, you are obviously not me! Raw broccoli and cauliflower (only way I will eat them is raw..try em dipped in salsa!), a few green mojo multigrain chips, AB&J overnight oats, with a side of People StyleWatch, aka my favorite fashion/celeb mag.

7:30 to 8. Shower. I’m one of those weirdos who showers at night. I’d rather not have to wake up any earlier than I already do to wait for my hair to dry, blah blah blah.

8 to 9. Blog reading and maybe watch TV. I just tend to put the TV on and not actually watch it–I like it for the background noise–but I will sometimes watch if it’s a show I love, like The Office or What Not to Wear.

9 to 9:15. Night time snack. I love having cereal, or maybe a Vitatop. Just something sweet and small to end my night.

Awh, my cereal ❤ s me! Well, I ❤ you too! Bear Naked Fit (triple berry) with frozen bananas. Can you tell I'm lovin' on the frozen bananas? Best. Fruit. Ever!

9:15 to 9:30. Get ready for bed. Brush teeth, PJs, all that.

9:30 to 11. Text my mommy. We text each other every night for like an hour and a half. It’s the highlight of my day.

Outfit of the day: lime green/white striped boat neck tee (American Eagle), slouchy skinny jeans (American Eagle). I love baggy jeans, y'all!

11 p.m. Go to bed (hopefully). I like to get 9 hours of sleep, so an early-ish bedtime is a must. Plus I get tired around this time anyway. Good night!

What is your favorite brand of Greek yogurt (I am a tried-and-true, hardcore Oikos fan! I also like Fage mango guanabana)?

What kind of jeans do you rock (I’m partial to slouchy and boy fit jeans but I’d love to try some skinnies–any tips on how to rock them? I’m still kinda scared to wear them.)?

What’s one part of your day that’s always the same?

27 thoughts on “WIAW: A Day in the Life

  1. buttonss - Cherie says:

    Im exactly the same!! I put on a morning show while eating my oats just so Im not sitting there in silence.
    I shower at night. I cant be bothered in the morning.
    I know so many people (my housemate) who shower at night and the morning. I see no point, its wastefull. I mean all youre doing at night is laying in bed?

    Skinny jeans all of the way. I would never wear anything else.
    And they are so easy to rock because they go with EVERYTHING!!!
    In fact in Australia skinny jeans are pretty much the only jeans people wear.

    • I know people who do that too with the showering and it makes no sense–unless you sweat a lot at night hahaha 😉

      I really wanna try skinnies because they look better with boots and it’s almost boot season here!

  2. Superfruits oikos?!? I must get my hands on some of that! 🙂 all of your eats look great, and I’m lovin the heart bowl haha
    I personally love flare jeans, like hippy flare big. Sometimes I like skinny, but flare owns my heart haha
    You are so busy girl! But I gotta say, you look GORGEOUS despite the chaos 🙂
    Have a great day!

  3. I love chobani! I hate wearing jeans, but sometime I’ll wear leggy denim…just because they are super stretchy.

    My mornings are always the same…oh and I talk to my mom everyday on the phone too 🙂

  4. One part about my day thats always the same (except on the weekend) is that my alarm rings at 5:45 am, and my school hours are always the same to 🙂

  5. I have yet to try the superfruits yogurt, but i look for it every time i go to the store! I usually just eat plain greek yogurt and flavor it myself, so usually i just buy what ever is on sale. I really like the new oikos traditional since they arent fat free. I love the creaminess!

  6. I love you outfit! Seriously, so cute. The part of my day that’s always the same is come home from school and eat. Then cook what I’m gonna eat next. Oikos superfruit is the best flavor! Besides plain because I’m justa plain jane 😛

    • Thank you 🙂

      I love that part of my day too–when I’m done with classes and I can have a snack and just chill!

      I totally agree, the superfruits one is the best flavor, and plain is also awesome!

  7. nicole says:

    i love your hunks of almond butter and jam! i’m always invited to these hoity toity tea parties where i can’t eat any of the food, and everyone thinks that i’m odd for selecting little hunks of the scottish jams that are served and absolutely LOVING them with wine (yes, at the tea parties, i normally pick the wine, haha!). your outfit was fabulous, as always, you’ve definitely just inspired me to get back into almond butter, and your daily blogging commitment is so appreciated! xx http://www.nicoleandgwendolyn.com

  8. Ha I do the same exact thing in the morning… I always have either the Today Show on or Good Morning America! I don’t think I have ever actually sat down and watched it, I just have it on for background noise, just like you
    Your outfit is so cute too!
    I try to go to bed around 10, which gives me 9 hours as well. I am so dysfunctional without at least 8

  9. survivingcandyland says:

    Awww I think its so cute that you text your mom. My mom and I try to talk every day. She is sad because finally all of us are gone away to college or grown up lives. What a busy and productive day though. Your history class seems interesting, not stats (eeek – I had to take that, but my professor reminded me of the count from Sesame street, so it was always kind of funny listening to him)

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