WIAW: The Bucket List

Let’s start with a shout-out to all my new (and old!) readers and commenters! You ladies rock my world 🙂

A lot of my WIAW posts include a survey, or random facts about me. Here’s another one: I can’t do a WIAW straight-up. Okay, I can, I just don’t want to. It’s more fun this way, right? Right 😀

Peas and Crayons

This week, I decided to share my “bucket list in progress” with you all. A lot of these I’ve been thinking about for awhile, but they slipped my mind and I just thought of them again, and decided to create a bucket list. Some of these are more realistic than others (and are more likely to happen in the nearish future) but I think it’s just a fun way to share my dream goals!

Attend a New York Fashion Week. If you know how obsessed I am with fashion, ’nuff said. Plus I’ve never been to NY, which is just pathetic.

You can never have too many versions of PB&J Remix oats. This one included organic grape jelly (my new love!), fresh red grapes and PB Puffins. So. Good.

Adopt a child from a third-world country. I would love to someday adopt a little girl from Asia or Eastern Europe. I know the process must be ridiculous, but I’d really love to do it…when I’m married, of course!

Own a greyhound. Gosh, these are my favorite doggies ever and I’ve wanted one for a few years. As soon as I move into a pet-friendly apartment, I’m getting one! Plus it might motivate me to start running more often 😛

Lunch on-the-go = story of my life this year. Today's was my first Cripps Pink apple of the season (second fave kind after Pink Lady) and a Clif Mojo Mountain Mix bar. I'm dying to find the White Chocolate Macadamia Mojo bar though...

Visit every U.S. state. This one, I’m not sure how specific I’ll be with it. I’ve driven through a lot of states, but I’m not sure if it counts as visiting it. I think it does, considering how many hours I spent in the car, and it’s not like I just flew over in a plane. So far I’ve been to Colorado (duh, I live here), California (3 times I think), Arizona (first two years of my life, and then again for spring break last year), New Mexico, Nebraska, Iowa, Texas, Wisconsin (several times since my grandparents live there), Florida and Illinois. So that’s 10 down, 40 to go…

Eat at a vegan restaurant. This one is def realistic and I hope it happens very soon! I’m jealous of all the bloggers who regularly dine at these kinds of places because the food looks so darn good.

I'm rediscovering my love for cereal, and it's loving me back, clearly. Kashi Honey Sunshine and PB Puffins (can I go a day without these? I think not.) topped with freeze-dried cinnamon apples. Bring on the fall.

Have a beach wedding. I could go shoe-less 😉 Oh, and preferably a beach in Cali or Hawaii.

Meet a U.S. president. How cool would this be, especially if they were an awesome prez?

A cozy, almost-fall outfit of the day: burgundy cardi (Hollister), grey lace tee (Hollister), owl pendant (American Eagle), burgundy floral skirt (Hollister), sparkly blue tights (American Eagle). I'm a bit obsessed with the tights and sweater combo, can ya tell? 😉

Go to a Lady Gaga concert and meet her. I think I’d die right on the spot if this happened 😉

Appear in a movie. Of course, I’d love to star in a movie, but getting any kind of part where my name would be in the credits would be le-git.

Dinner and the Denver Post food section? Yes please! Mini EVOL veggie fajita burrito (vegan!), leftover salad greens with guacamole, red grapes. I love salads, but this one was unfortunately lame since it's been in the fridge since Sunday. I hate when salad greens get slimy.

Go snorkeling. I’m scared to go scuba diving, but snorkeling just seems so relaxing and fun.

Be in a flash mob. Come on, I’m not the only one who wants to, right?

Me + dried fruit = BFFs. Raisins and freeze-dried cinnamon apples. Love in a (tiny) bowl.

What’s one thing on your bucket list (if you have one)? What’s your favorite apple variety (mine is Pink Lady!)?

37 thoughts on “WIAW: The Bucket List

  1. nicole says:

    i can’t exclaim of how much i love your bucket list! it’s so energetic, happy, and fresh! greyhounds, yes! fashion week, yes! vegan restaurants, yes! lady gaga, yes! snorkeling, yes! you must be me, but about 10 years younger! so lovely! let’s see . . . one thing on my bucket list is to live in france for at least five years. and believe me, i’m working on it. 🙂 xx http://www.nicoleandgwendolyn.com

  2. I want to run a marathon (and I will be Dec 4!) There is the type of apple, it’s called Envy and its a cross between a braeburn and a gala. Oh my gosh it’s seriously the best apple ever.

  3. Somethin’ on my bucket list would be to eat at every restaurant owned by any famous chef on Food Network & anything featured on Man vs. Food, Best Thing I Ever Ate, and Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives.Yeah, I kinda like to eat a lot, haha. Also, I’ve not once ever heard or seen of a pink lady apple in my grocery store. Boooo 😦

    • I’ve always wanted to eat at a famous chef’s restaurant too! My family did once at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant in Orlando but I ended up not getting anything there. How lame of me 😉

  4. Aww what a fun WIAW!! 🙂 You always make them so happy I love it!! And you would seriously love NYC! Snorkelling is really fun too although I get a bit scared of fish hahaaa!
    Hmm my bucket list? I guess a big one for me would be to have my own fashion magazine that combined fashion with baking 🙂 Oh and to have my own cute vegan cafe!

    • I love your bucket list, those are such great ideas! I’d love to have a fashion magazine too–and I would totally open a cafe or bakery if I was as good a baker as you are 🙂

  5. I really enjoyed reading this post! Must make a bucket list myself- so much fun! And then I could see all the fun things Im about to do 🙂

    I really hope youll go to NYC soon! You will love that city! And promis you would go to Candle Cafe and Babycakes, oki? Those are the best vegan place Ive been 🙂

    On my bucket list (in my head ;)): Go on a yoga-vacation to India, have a huge garden, adopt a dog, and like you, a child, go to Disney world, buy my very own Chanel bag.. Those are on top of my head, but there is so many more 🙂

  6. buttonss - Cherie says:

    Waaaah, jealous of your puffins. I’ve been waiting on mine to come in the mail for about 5 weeks now. :((((
    My favourite apple is Granny Smith followed by Pink Lady. Thats it!! Any other kind I dont usually like!
    Something on my bucket list is to visit LA and submit my art into the Japan LA event they have there. And of course on top of the list is visiting Japan.
    Cute outfits by the way!!

  7. writingandrecovering says:

    I like your surveys. It makes WIAWs so much more fun.
    I was almost in a flash mob at my school but I got sick the day we they did it which made me sad.

  8. I LOVE greyhounds too. I had a beagle/lab/greyhound mix (….yeah) and he was the best dog EVER!!!

    Also: for your beach wedding, you should totally choose Siesta Key here in Sarasota FL. The sand is like baby powder!

  9. Rachel says:

    i know russia isn’t techically eastern europe, but a close friend of mine has an adorable little girl from there, and she said the process wasn’t awful to go through! so there’s a bit of reassurance for you i hope 🙂

    your bucket list is so awesome. i’ve been to a gaga concert- it was CRAZY. like… i still don’t have words to really describe it. your eats look pretty delicious as well 🙂

  10. My favorite apple variety is honey crisp, but when they aren’t in season it’s pink lady. i get all frazzled at the supermarket when they don’t have either because i love apples, but all the other kinds just don’t live up to them and I don’t know what to buy!
    I want to visit every state too – I also want to run a race in every state! I think I’ll go to Alaska during the summer then..

  11. oh my!! what a fun list! I hate when salad gets slimy too. It bums me out majorly.
    I love the tights and sweater combo. With skirts? it just says “I’m toasty warm”!
    I was just an extra in a film, which is cool. I wonder if I’ll be in the credits? I love honey crisp apples and those huge brown dull ugly ones from WF ( I think they’re heirloom?) theyre so good.

    • Hmmmm a lot of people love the Honeycrisp but I honestly can’t remember if I’ve ever tried one–that should be on my bucket list 😉

      Aw that’s awesome that you were an extra. I totally bet you’re in the credits somewhere!

  12. Love Clif mojo bars!!!
    You can skip Delaware. Unless you want to see the pumpkin chunkin that takes place in October. Apparently it’s pretty awesome… People build catapults and throw pumpkins into the air and see how far they can go. (This would be in lower Delaware.. Lower delaware and northern delaware are way different)
    My favorite apple is honey crisp!!!

    • Yessssssssss a blogger flash mob it is 😉

      Get on those Puffins ASAP! They are too good to live without! I love the PB kind but the cinnamon and multigrain ones are also delish!

  13. survivingcandyland says:

    I love your bucket list! It inspires me to make my own. I’m totally shocked you have never been to NYC. It is the fashion capital of the states. I want to go to fashion week too. I bet it would be AWESOME! Hmm one thing on my bucketlist would be become fluent in spanish, so I can visit Spain and speak the language well.

    I love pink lady apples too. They are so sweet and delicious.

  14. Flash mob. Hell YES! What’s on my bucket list let’s see: become a certified raw foods/vegan chef, backpack around europe and also visit every country in the Arab world. More feasible bucket list: shop at a farmer’s market and eat at a vegan restaurant 🙂

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