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Ya wanna know what my least favorite part of the weekend is? When it’s coming to an end. I hate that feeling you get on Sunday night when you realize that the weekend’s pretty much over and tomorrow it’s back to the daily grind. Can you tell that I’m sick of school already? 😉 I know how sad that sounds, I mean come on, I’m only like 5 weeks in! Honestly, I actually love school this year (nerd alert!) but sometimes you just want a nice little break. Especially when you’ve got a crazy busy next few weeks ahead–in my case, 2 tests this Friday (eek!), 2 tests next week and a paper due in 3 weeks. Gosh, these professors are insane!

This is my "You've gotta be kidding me, 2 tests in one day?" face.

 But the point of this post is not to complain about school but to talk about my weekend! It started out when my mom picked me up around 6:30 on Friday. We grabbed dinner at Garbanzo, which is this really awesome fast casual Mediterranean place. It was a little too awkward taking a picture of my amazing dinner, so I’ll just explain it: baby greens, tabbouleh salad, fresh red cabbage, hummus, falafel topped with spicy cilanto sauce and grilled eggplant slices on top. It was drool-worthy.

I finally changed my nail polish! My sis got the shatter polish for homecoming, so I def had to try it out once I got home. Verdict: love it! And every time, it's a different design!

Saturday started out bright and early (if you consider 8:15 early, which sadly I don’t anymore since I’m used to being up by 7) with some Kashi Honey Sunshine-topped overnight oats. Oh how I’ve missed Honey Sunshine! I haven’t had it for months and forgot how much I loved it. Topped with frozen nanner slices and mango chunks, it was heaven in a bowl.

Please take me back, Honey Sunshine! I can't live without ya 😉

Around 11:30, my mom turned on the TV so we could cheer on my college’s football team in their big annual rivalry game. The Rammies did so well in the first quarter, but then they lost a lot of steam after the half. It was getting way too depressing so I stopped watching 😦 Luckily, my dad and I ended up going to see “Crazy Stupid Love” (I was shocked it was still in theatres) so it ended up being a great afternoon. I love comedies, and it was  really good one, so definitely see it if you have the chance. Then my dad took me to get froyo nearby–how could I pass that up? Despite the fact that I was freezing cold all day (seriously, the weather changed so drastically!), I still enjoyed my frozen yogurt. I got a new-t0-me flavor, apple pie. It tasted as good as it sounds 😀 Perfect for an almost fall day.

I have so many froyo pics on this blog, it's a bit ridic. But each one is unique and a piece of art (baha). Apple pie froyo topped with raspberries and blueberries.

After a Target run, we got home and I was able to make my own dinner–for realsies this time, I actually used the oven, which totally counts as cooking. I miss being able to do real cooking, but I’ve got a whole lineup of recipes that I want to make come Thanksgiving break. Everyone better stay outta my way–the kitchen will be mine 😆

I also appreciate the slightly better lighting I get at home! My dinner was a Gardein veggie burger topped with General Tso sauce, baby carrots, chipotle seasoned sweet potato fries and sweet potato tots. I think I OD'd on the orange.

The rest of the night was pretty low-key: SNL-watching, shower-taking, beating my dad at an UNO tournament. I am beast at UNO–no really!–I mostly always end up winning against my dad.

I think a big trend for me this fall will be layering--I love how cozy I felt in this outfit. Grey knit duster cardigan (A&F), burgundy plaid tunic (A&F Kids), navy culotte shorts (A&F), navy sparkle tights (AE).

Today was even more chill–at least until I had to head back up to school. When we finally got up here, my mom suggested Larkburger for dinner. It’s basically this pretty simple place with all-natural gourmet burgers and fries and such. Usually I end up getting the portobello burger but I wasn’t too hungry tonight and settled for the field greens salad topped with a grilled tuna filet and some edamame on the side. The tuna was amazing and the edamame was too (of course!) but the salad wasn’t great, mostly because they served it in this plastic container that was extremely hard to eat out of, plus the tamari ginger dressing  that sounded so promising, turned out to be totally nast. I hate when that happens, but I pretty much usually expect restaurant dressings to be sub-par. Luckily, it was on the side so I could just toss it without having the whole salad be ruined. I ended up saving the salad to eat sometime this week–in a more convenient way, like on a plate!

More Kashi Honey Sunshine? Yep, I'm a woman obsessed.

Now it’s back to the real world 😕 Oh well, not every day can be a blast and I know I’ll have some awesome days in the near future!

Oh, P.S. an update on my foot. Thanks so so so much for the well wishes! It’s still in pain, I wrapped an Ace bandage around it and hope it might help–hey, if it doesn’t, at least people will know why I’m limping around 😀 Plus I feel cool with it on, please don’t ask me why!


What fun things did you do this weekend? What is your dream froyo flavor?

26 thoughts on “Weekend Food & Fun

  1. I’m with ya, I’m totally dreading school tomorrow. I can never fall asleep on Sunday nights so I’m always super tired and can’t concentrate on Mondays. I feel bad about how much work you have to do. Oh the glory of still being in high school haha 😀

  2. buttonss - Cherie says:

    I know what you mean, sometimes I just need a small break so I can get back into being motivated about school!
    Oh mannn, frozen mango!! This gets me excited for summer!!!

  3. This layer look looks fabulous on you! Love layering for winter too. I am such a goose bump 😀 so I just can’t get through the cold time without layer over layer of clothes…

  4. writingandrecovering says:

    You need a break longer than a weekend. I’m already sick of school and this is probably my 3rd week. I’ve got like 34 weeks left. I’m counting down.

  5. The dinner at Garbanzo sounds soo good! That is really mine kind of food 🙂
    My weekend was mostly work. But I also went to a friends surprise party at Saturday night which was great! Now its back to work though! I really look forward to this upcoming weekend when Im off work 😀
    Wish you a great week too<3

  6. Dreading school? Yes- I do it ALL the TIME. But, I try not to because then it just makes class miserable and drag on.
    Girl- you are so pretty! & I love your outfit. It looks so warm and cozy!

  7. I’ve always wanted to try the crackle polish! That looks so cool,. I’ve never seen it in pink before!
    Apple pie froyo sounds SOOO GOOD. That might just be my dream flavor… actually I think boston creme sounds really good right now.

  8. nicole says:

    i’m an ex-bulimic, and i blog about life after bulimia (11 years suffered, 1 year, 2 months, and 16 days recovered). so, most of my blog interaction is with people who are suffering or recovering. yes, you suffered from anorexia, but this post is so fresh and happy, and i love it! it’s definitely a breath of fresh air from my normal reads! thanks for kicking off my day with sunshine! AND . . . i also viewed SNL on saturday night. when i was in college, justin timberlake was still in N’Sync (in fact, they were a new group!) . . . and i wasn’t a huge fan of him. but now, hot damn! he is one sexy piece of man! i LOVED his SNL performance. and your layered outfit is fabulous! you’ve just earned yourself another regular reader! xx http://www.nicoleandgwendolyn.com

  9. I wish they had a banana pudding fro-yo flavor. I would go nuts over that!
    I feel ya with the school, I’m already ready for Christmas break. 🙂 Good thing it’s only like 11 weeks away or so. Good luck on your exams Friday!

  10. Sounds like your weekend was much more exciting than mine! I sat around and studied 😦 But it’s only for a short while. I’ll have plenty more weekends to enjoy!
    I’ve been wanting to see crazy stupid love! I’ll have to wait until it comes out on tv.

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