A Pain in the…Foot?

Hey Puffins! 😀  How has your week been? Mine’s been going by pretty fast, which is GREAT, ’cause I’m going home for the weekend today! I can’t wait to be able to actually eat food that’s been cooked (a microwave doesn’t count baha). I honestly love my living situation this year, but sometimes I just love spending a weekend at home with the fam. I’m also super-pumped that today is sunny and warm-ish, because the past 2 days have been rainy almost nonstop, and that is no bueno for me. I live in a very dry state, so getting that much rain is crazy and just downright bizarre. I’m just happy I can wear shorts again because it’s still summer after all!

Another amazing (colorful) breakfast: triple chocolate protein overnight oats (topped with sprinkles!), date, veggie sausage, gummy vitamins. I'm not kidding when I say this was a very candy-filled breakfast. Sprinkles are def candy, gummy vitamins are candy-ish and dates are nature's candy!

So a little background on the post title. Starting back in March, I had some foot pain in the top of my left foot. I never figured out what it was from, but I think it came from doing cardio stuff in shoes that weren’t the best fitting. The pain was on and off until May or June, and then one day–poof!–it disappeared. I was so glad it did because it was getting annoying, especially during the school year when I’m walking every day.

Outfit of the day: off-the-shoulder sweatshirt (Hollister), brown twill shorts (A&F), owl pendant (AE), nerdy glasses. The spice shades are back for fall and I couldn't be happier!

Then just yesterday, I noticed that I was starting to get intense pain on the outer side of my right foot, on the sole. At first I thought it was just temporary, like I just twisted it or something and it would feel okay soon. But…it hasn’t! In fact, I can barely stand on it without any pain. I really just don’t know where this pain came from. And not walking on it is NOT an option. I’ve already had to walk 30 minutes to classes today, and another 30 minute round-trip is coming this afternoon. I figured out that if I try to just walk on the ball of my foot, I can walk fairly normally (I’m not sure if it looks totally weird, though 😛 ). I’m so glad I’m going home this weekend so maybe my mom can figure out what’s going on, and I can at least get an Ace bandage around it.

I know y'all appreciate my cheesiness. I added in that lime green arrow to show where on my foot the pain is. Please ignore the millions of bandaids--one is for a blister, the other is for this weird pain on the ball of my foot. Yeah, I've got lots of issues with this foot at the mo.

I researched my symptoms on good old WebMD, and at first  I was kind of thinking that it might be plantar fasciitis (that word is spelled so weirdly). But that is apparently on the inner edge of the foot (like where the arch is), not on the outer edge where my pain is. Maybe the pain started because I think I tend to underpronate (my foot turns out sometimes), which apparently is more common for people with higher arches, which I have. But I would really just love to know what’s up, and how to stop the pain. I really really really don’t want to end up on crutches or have a boot or anything. Walking is an essential part of my week that I can’t just give it up. Though I’d love to be able to skip my classes once in awhile haha.

I just love my mocs to death, and have been missing them all summer. Welcome back, moccasins. I love you, even though you gave me a blister yesterday. Sorry about the awkwardness of this pose. I thought it was the best way to show you my mocs.

So does anyone out there have any advice for me? I’m worried that it might be like a hairline fracture in my foot, which would be really bad. Hopefully it’s not anything serious and it can heal on its own. So…send good thoughts and any advice my way 😀

17 thoughts on “A Pain in the…Foot?

  1. buttonss - Cherie says:

    Craaap, I hope it heals soon!
    I get pinching in the arch of my foot from
    a. shit shoes
    b. I walk on the outer edge of my foot. Also i run flat footed.
    I use to get it when I first started running, and I also get it when I wear crappy shoes.

  2. Oh no!!! That sounds like no fun! Im sending some healing thoughts your way! ❤
    I hate when our feets and legs gets hurt! They are like the most important thing we have! My legs has been SO heavy and tired lately, I decided to take one week off running. So since Monday, I have only walked and done yoga! Im going to try to run again on Monday, and I really hope my legs feels better!
    I hope youll get better soon! And I wish you a great weekend 🙂

  3. writingandrecovering says:

    I hope that gets better soon. Pains are never fun. Moms know everything, so she should probably be able to help you.
    Microwaves totally do not count for cooking food.

  4. Oh no, I hope your foot feels better soon! Ice it with a frozen water bottle – you can roll your foot back and forth on it and it’s like a massage. I love it. Otherwise I just use anti-inflammatory cream and advil if it’s not a serious injury. I get a lot of random foot pain from running and it’s worked for me!

  5. That happened to me! Basically you have to baby it during runs. I would wrap it then when I got home I would work it with a golf ball and then ice it. Eventually it went away for me, so hopefully it will go away soon for you too!

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