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Some weeks, I just don’t get around to taking pictures of all my meals for WIAW. Blame it on laziness busyness. I was running around like a crazy person this last weekend and I kinda forgot to snap some pics of all my food. Most of it was pretty boring (aka using up whatever I could find at home since there wasn’t much Ashley-friendly food) but with the stuff that was good, well…I was too busy having fun to really remember to get pictures.

So for this week’s WIAW, it’s pretty much some random food pics that I managed to take within the past couple of days, plus some non-food stuff (aka outfits and such). Oh, and a random survey. Just the way I roll. Random is good, peeps.

Peas and Crayons

Early morning breakfast (hence why the lighting sucks). Coffee overnighters topped with PB Puffins. Probably my favorite overnight oats combo right now.

What was the last thing you bought? The necklace in the picture below. Not even kidding. I’ve been dying to buy the owl necklace since I first saw it and I finally had to cave and buy it online, since I never saw it once in any American Eagle store. Stupid shipping & handling, but it’s well worth it for this beauty.

This picture looks reallllllllly awkward. I was wearing a grey lace-front shirt so it's kinda see-through. But the owl really pops!

What’s the weirdest thing anyone’s ever asked you? If I’ve skipped a grade. IDK where that came from, especially since I didn’t know the person who said it. I guess I am small for my age, though. Someone thought I was a HS freshman when I was a senior. Ugh.

A GIANT date! Okay, so it doesn't look so big, but trust me, it was like almost the size of my palm!

A typical yogurt mess: plain Greek yogurt mixed with blueberry protein powder, topped with Bear Naked Fit triple berry granola. It's even better in a pink bowl.

Best Halloween costume? Oh gosh, I loved so many of them. I was a blue M&M once (funny story: a few years after I wore this costume, a guy in my class said he was going to be Eminem for Halloween, and I was so naïve that I said “What color?” since I thought he was talking about M&Ms. Silly child!), bride of Frankenstein and a pirate. Uh, yeah, I think that was my favorite, since I wore obnoxious boot covers with jangly coins on them. I like being loud.

Amazing froyo (when is it ever NOT amazing)? Irish mint swirled with Oreo froyos, topped with raspberries and strawberries. Bliss in a cup.

What are you wearing right now? Look at the picture below. That’s exactly it. A light yellow hoodless sweatshirt from Hollister (hand-me-down from the lil sis. Anyone find that weird?), khaki twill shorts from Hollister and got-wet-in-the-random-rainstorm tan mocs from American Eagle. This is what I consider casual.

I used to be scared to wear yellow. Silly me.I'm really into playing around with the color and saturation of photos. It's kinda an obsession now.


What is your favorite food that your mom makes? Definitely this really really good chile lime pasta (usually with shrimp). She totally came up with the recipe on her own, and it’s super simple but delish. It has roasted bell peppers, Williams Sonoma chile lime seasoning and it’s just downright amazing.

Green goodness: Late July green mojo chips (aka crack chips), spicy guac/Greek yogurt dip. It's easy being green.

Best concert? The best one I’ve actually been to would have to be Relient K. But my dream concert is Lady Gaga. Shocker, right? But I’m dying to dress up in one of her bizarre outfits without getting looked at like I’m cray cray.

Poor mocs. All wet from the freak rainstorm on my way back from classes.

Things you do for fun? Shopping. Tennis. Mountain biking. Modeling photo shoots. Texting (well, I mostly do this when I’m bored). Fashion magazine-reading. Blog-surfin’ on my iPod touch. All the stuff cool kids do, obvs.

My second-ever Halo bar! I liked this one almost as much as the S'mores kind. I think I love vegan marshmallows more than regular ones, especially when they're combined with peanuts and flax seeds...


Answer one (or many!) of the questions above!

26 thoughts on “WIAW: Randomness

  1. buttonss - Cherie says:

    I have that dress youre wearing in your necklace photo!! 😀
    I wear my little sister second hand clothes too. Its great!
    Oh man, halo bar! that looks amazing, and its vegan?

  2. One time I had a day off from school and went to work with my dad and one of his co-workers came up to me and asked me if it was my first day working there. Thats one of the weirdest things anyone has asked me 😛

    The last thing I bought was cereal because Im a cereal monster 😀

  3. My best friend had pretty much the same froyo concoction as you when we went out for it yesterday. I don’t understand the fruit with mint. I think it would taste funny but she thinks it’s amazing. I guess I should try it.
    The eminem story made my day. Not only am I jealous that you were once an m&m, but I would totally make that mistake too.

  4. I missed Lady Gaga when she was just here not too long ago. Boo. I agree that it would totally rock to see her live though. I’d have to say that the best concert I’ve been to was Godsmack. I must have seen them live like… 5 times lol. I love all types of music, but for some reason, rock concerts just steal my heart. Oh, and that owl necklace is like the cutest thing ever.

  5. I used to be afraid to wear yellow too- I think it just depends on the shade. I’m mindful of all that now, I suppose.
    coffee overnight oats? I’ve been thinking of trying something of that sort, perhaps I should?

    • I completely agree, I think you have to get the right shade of yellow and then it can look great.

      You should def try coffee overnight oats! They are so simple and not really a lot of caffeine. They just have a nice light coffee taste.

  6. OooO, that date looks so good! I would have stuffed it full with nutbutters, for sure 😉
    What was the last thing you bought? I have been out of controll lately! I am BIG on online shopping :O This week I bought two new black dresses, one pink top, the peas and thank you cookbook and the intuitive eating book!
    Enjoy the rest of your week ❤

  7. MMM That halo bar looks heavenly. I hope they sell them at Whole Foods because I’m planning on going there sometime this week.

    Right now I’m wearing sweaty gym clothes (kind of gross haha) and my favorite running sneaks– Nike Free 2s!

  8. That froyo made me HUNGRY! I’m so jealous of that Halo bar! I’ve been looking all over for it. I have yet to try oats with coffee but I think I need to asap. My dream concert is lady gaga too!! okay actually it would be Queen but since they aren’t around anymore I’ll stick with gaga too. The only other concert I’ve been to is Hanson. HA lame.

    • I hope you can find Halo bars soon because they are goooooood!

      I honestly haven’t been to many concerts either, like 3 I think, but most of them were so long ago that I forgot about them haha.

  9. Thats soo weird. When I was in elementery school, my mom made me be a blue m&m for holloween too! I was so jealous my sister got to be the green one cause that was the girl haha. And don’t feel bad, people mistake me for a 14 year old alllll the time and I’m 17. Great blog btw 🙂

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