Oh Hey September

Where has the year gone? It feels like just the other day I was ringing in the new year. Gosh, time flies when you’re having fun, huh? Or, I guess, when you’re really busy. I’m starting to miss summer, but I’m also excited for fall. It’s just starting to cool down a little (if you think 80 degrees is cool…) and I’m already thinking ahead to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Wow, can you say cray-cray?

Anyways, I kinda just realized that it’s September now, and I’ve been going like a mile a minute since it started. Thursday I had classes all day and I was running around trying to print off assignments and turn in an application for a student editor position at our campus staff newsletter (fingers crossed that I get it!). Then mi madre came to pick me up for a long weekend at home. We were going back and forth between Whole Foods, my room and getting dinner. We didn’t get home until 9 (stupid long commutes!).

Friday I got to chill in the morning, but then we had to go to the bank, pick up my sister from school and then go back home for like an hour before we had to leave again with my daddy in tow for another long drive. 2 hours each way to this teeny tiny town called Westcliffe, where my dad’s play was being put on. It was actually really weird to see, because my sis and I were the lead characters in the play like 5 or 6 years ago when it was first produced. We had to laugh when someone from the town said “Oh yeah, it’s so busy here this weekend.” And literally, none of the stores were open and basically no one was out on the street at 10 pm. Apparently, that’s busy for them 🙄

Saturday was…well, amazing! Okay, besides having to wake up at 7 after going to bed at 1 (yeah, 6 hours of sleep and I DO NOT get along). My mom and sister and I drove another 2 hours or so to Breckenridge, this really cool ski town in the mountains. Of course, we weren’t skiing since it’s September and we can’t ski. At all. There was a duck race happening that we haven’t missed in the 5 years we’ve been going up there and a bunch of other festivities. Unfortch, many of them were adult-related, such as a wine tasting festival. 2 more years and then I can do that too. Erm, but probs not. We ate 3 amazing meals up there, but I was stupid and didn’t take any pictures. So ummmm, yeah, I decided to “borrow” some photos from weheartit. No shame.

I actually got the same thing for lunch and dinner, but at two different places. Fresh spring rolls are just too good to not repeat. Plus they had different veggies in them (including amazing pickled ginger in one).

They have this really good (but reaaaaally popular) crepe cart where they make them by hand. I got a raspberry and marshmallow crepe that was to die for. Melted marshmallow=mmmmmm!

 As per tradition, my sissy and I bought 3 rubber duckies each and also took tons of selfies during down time. No shame in that, either. We had such a fun time giggling at all the cute kids and puppies there and freaking out when some crows almost attacked us.

Our view of the kiddie duck race.

Oh hey, Brooke's arm!

The newest additions to the rubber duck collection.

Thousands of duckies waiting to race.


I love the mountains!

Go duckies, go!


Awhhhhhh...sister love!

Some random stuffed puppies we saw in a gift shop. I love the patterns on them!


I'm so boss 😉

 So that’s been my September so far. No complaints here; I can’t wait to see what fall’s gonna bring!


How has September been for you? What do you like about fall? 

13 thoughts on “Oh Hey September

  1. buttonss - Cherie says:

    Ahahah a duck race!! I love the reindeer duck! What a weird combination…
    Can you imagine that shiz in real life? ahaha

    Woah now!! a raspberry and marshmallow crepe?
    Holy shit, sounds too good to be true.

    So far September has been.. not so good.
    Buttt, ’tis the month of my bday. So im hoping things will start to look up soon!

  2. What a great way to start September! So far, I have only been working! But there will be some fun trowen in here soon 🙂
    I love fall! Especially the darker nights and the cosy rainy weather! Walking in the rain is one of my favorit things to do! Also, getting back in and making tea and some baked goods is so nice!
    Have a lovely week ❤

  3. September is still in the early stages but looks like you have already had a pretty good month.

    I hope this month is the one where I get into a different position at work. I also want to take my first yoga class this month.

  4. writingandrecovering says:

    I love the new look on your blog. I keep meaning to redeisgn mine since everyone else is and it’s almost fall and I feel like a change.
    Those little duckies are so cute.
    Good luck getting the position!

  5. im really intrigued about this duck race you are talking about! omg i so wanna see a duck race haha. that sounds like it would be quite enjoyable really, and cute! ❤

    that is such a lovely pic of u and ur sis- two incredibly beautiful beings ❤


  6. No wonder you collect rubber duckies! If I had the chance to go to a duck race every year I would too. I love the reindeer one you got. It’s so cute!

    You and your sister look just like each other! You’re both gorgeous and I love your hair. I want blonde hair. Jealous.

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