What I’ve Been Up To This Weekend

Hey ladies! Hope your weekends have all been as fantabulous as mine. Okay, lie, mine hasn’t been that amazing, but it hasn’t been too shabby either. It’s my first weekend in my new place and I’m still getting settled in and stuff. I thought I’d give you all a little glimpse into what I’ve been doing so far.

1) Being white and nerdy between homework and notetaking.

This is me on a daily basis. No lie. Well, usually minus the sweet glasses I scored from Toy Story 3 last summer. Oh yeah, I am so awesome.

 2) Still lovin’ my choice of nail color.

Who's the trendsetter up in hurrrrrr?

 3) Mis-matching my bracelets.

Oh, FYI, the plaid thing under my arm is my laptop. Yeah, it's ballin'. Just like me.

 4) Getting ready for next weekend’s duck races.

Meet...Dino Duckie! I got him/her at last year's races. I haven't missed them since I started going 5 years ago.

 5) Soaking up fashion quotes and mags.

Fashion calendar. It's like my second Bible.

 6) Working on my photog skills.

Using my real camera vs. my iPod or phone gets much better results. Who knew? Plus now that I'm on my own, it won't be as awks taking pics of everything with a real camera. Win win.

 7) Getting in my calcium, the cool way.

Giant colorful gummies are in, guys. Apparently, along with giant dork glasses and weird faces.

 8) Jammin’ out to Pandora.

I just get annoyed with the commercials. Oh, and when Quick Mix plays the same artist way too many times. But other than that, it's my go-to.

 9) Reading the Denver Post’s food section.

I need to eat at a food truck, stat!

 10) Making my first-ever (well, on this blog) lame-o vlog.

(DISCLAIMER: Please ignore my horrendous videographer skills. Would you believe I’m a broadcast journalism major? 😉 Oh well, I’m better on camera anyways…or am I??????)

What have you been up to this weekend?

19 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To This Weekend

  1. buttonss - Cherie says:

    Your laptop is awesome!!
    Hahaha youre adorable! I can actually hear the sweet as bass on the video. That would actually piss me off though, especially if it went on through the night. Id be banging on the walls.
    Which I actually do at my current apartment right now anyway.
    Old man upstairs seems to think its appropriate to build shit late at night when Im trying to sleep. Not only that, when he goes to the toilet, I can hear EVERYTHING!
    It’s so effed. I can hear peeing, farting,. and yep… even that.

    Love your room by the way 🙂

  2. writingandrecovering says:

    I love all your photos and your weekend activities. My weekend’s been pretty calm. Yours is probably more exciting than mine.

  3. Those glasses girl are awesome! I wish I could pull off that look but I don’t think it would fit with my style. I’m pretty lazy (ie sweatpants, scrubs, hoodies, workout clothes) Want to be my stylist?! I’ll pay you to come shopping with me haha!

  4. Woo! Love your stuffies 😀 Kind of looks like my bed. No shame for loving teddies. This weekend I… spent too much time worrying about people getting hit by Irene, ate enough squash to make myself sick, had a mother-daughter coffee date with my mom, and went for a nice long walk in the river valley with my pooch. A good weekend overall 🙂

    • That sounds like a fun weekend–minus the worrying and getting sick, of course 😦 Hopefully you’re feeling better now!

      I love my stuffed animals! I agree that there’s no shame whatsoever in having them as an adult!

  5. You’re adorable 🙂 I love vlogs! I like to be able to put a voice to the blogger. I’m a fan of your funky orange lamp as well!
    I’m really glad that I’m not the only one who gets my calcium the cool way! It would be a shame for everyone else to miss out.

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