Style Phile: Prints Charming

I am not the kind of girl who’s content with tons of solids and basics in my wardrobe–no, I need a lot of variety. Unfortunately, until recently, it was pretty nonexistent, at least in the patterns department. If you took a look in my walk-in closet at the beginning of the summer, you would have see tons of colors in several shades; a variety of dresses, miniskirts, a few pairs of shorts, plenty of tops; but mostly all florals. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some florals but really? A whole closet full of them is a bit much. And I know that it’s a classic pattern, each floral is different, blah blah blah but I really needed some more prints and patterns in my life.

Enter my two three big hauls this summer. The first one gave me yet another floral piece (but it was a romper–which I’ve never owned before–in a brand new shade, so it wasn’t all bad) but also a very cute, breezy lime green-striped off-shoulder tee. I love how bold it is, and I was in desperate need of stripes.

Neon lime striped off-shoulder slouchy tee (American Eagle), cuffed denim shorts (Abercrombie Kids)

The second one, just three weeks ago, brought me even more variety in the form of solids (also something I needed, despite saying that I’m not one for solids–they are a necessity, however). But I hit the jackpot on my most recent one just a week ago. I got lace (!), more stripes and plaid. Okay, a little floral slipped in there, too, but what can I say, I’m a creature of habit.

Navy & pink floral cami (Abercrombie Kids), cuffed denim shorts (Abercrombie Kids)

Three months ago, if you had offered me a striped sweater, I would have flat-out turned you down. No thanks, I’m not a stripes girl. However, I’ve learned the error of my ways. Stripes, if done the right way, are totally flattering, and cute in a chic nautical way.

I thought the angle of this was cool haha. Beach Street knit layer in blue stripe (Hollister, $20)

Despite my affinity for all things girly, I doubt if I would have bought a lace piece back in May. Now I have a beautiful yet simple dark grey lace-front tee and I love it.

Bay Shore lace tee in dark grey (Hollister), navy twill shorts (Hollister)

I owned some plaid prior to last week’s shopping trip, but I’ve been itching to get some more since last fall. I did buy a couple pairs of plaid twill shorts in the spring, but since summer’s winding down, I was in desperate need of pieces that could work double-duty, right now and this fall. I found it in a royal blue plaid button-down that’s perfectly rugged yet still polished.

Malibu button-down in blue plaid (Hollister, $49.50), navy twill shorts (Hollister)

Now that I know how much difference a variety of prints can make, I will never give in to buying florals again. Okay, maybe just this once…

What is your favorite print or pattern?

8 thoughts on “Style Phile: Prints Charming

  1. writingandrecovering says:

    Yay shopping. I haven’t gone shopping in a while. I probably should with school just around the corner. The striped Hollister shirt is so cute. I’m a fan of non-patterns actually, unless one is really cute and then it just depends on how it is executed. Stiped can be good, as you said, if done the right way.

  2. buttonss - Cherie says:

    I’m all for stripes. I love them!!
    I love the plaid top. such cute colours.
    My favourite print is polka dots. seriously, love them. I can never find much decent polka dot stuff though :\

  3. sunshinevegan says:

    I like lace but usual in a nice basic black or sometimes I like really boho patterns!
    Love your style 🙂 you should do mor posts on it.

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