If you’ve read my about me page, or even just seen my new header, you’ll know that I eat a primarily vegetarian diet. This is an ethical and also personal choice I made a few years ago–I just don’t really care for the taste of meat. Up until this past year, I still ate chicken, lean turkey and seafood more regularly (I haven’t eaten red meat or pork in years), but considered myself a flexitarian, or someone who eats a plant-based diet with meat on occasion. Being away at college, I could eat whatever I wanted and because I didn’t like the dining hall food, I pretty much ate a vegetarian diet, except for when I was at home and poultry or fish was being served. But this summer, I really realized that A) I can’t stomach meat anymore and B) I don’t want to exploit animals for my enjoyment (erm, or lack of enjoyment). So I started turning more and more to vegetarian sources of protein. I also discovered that I don’t like dairy much anymore, aside from Greek yogurt, froyo and gelato.

Favorite. Overnighters. Combo. Ever. Mint chocolate gelato topped chocolate oats. Dessert and breakfast in one.

Before this point, my parents were dead-set aga inst me going vegetarian, let alone vegan. Because of my history with anorexia, they wanted me to be getting as many nutrients as possible, especially protein. However, I’ve convinced them that eating a mainly-vegan diet actually makes me feel a lot better and is helping me in my eating disorder recovery. So my mom discussed it with me, and she thinks it would be okay for me to go mostly vegan, as long as I keep some source of calcium. I’m still going to eat Greek yogurt (I can’t disown my beloved Oikos–I feel perfectly okay about eating it because it’s organic) and drink fortified soy milk. I’m probably going to end up taking a calcium supplement along with a B12 vitamin, just so I don’t run into any deficiency issues. And…I’m going to make a huge effort to increase my healthy fat intake. I’ve been scared of fats ever since my eating disorder, but eating enough fats is essentialto health. So I’m gonna up my nut/nut butter intake (I so wanna try the Archer Farms Almond Cashew Peanut Butter!) and hopefully that’ll help. I also really like Clif Mojo bars and Pure bars, and those have a lot of healthy fats in them.

I love me some carrot cake...oats that is! Raisins and crunchy almond butter really make this shine.

However…I think while I’m still at home for a couple weeks, I may still have to eat meat on occasion. But honestly, I just don’t like meat at all. Period. Not even seafood as much.  I’m actually really excited to be eating a mostly vegan diet. It just feels so much more natural to me.

Don't worry, yogurt messes, you're not going anywhere anytime soon! Superfruits Greek yogurt topped with Bear Naked Fit and bloobs, soy iced coffee on the side.

[DISCLAIMER: I am not claiming to be 100% vegan. I would say that I am a vegetarian eating vegan a lot of the time–I still want to include Greek yogurt and the occasional frozen yogurt or gelato. But honestly, I don’t really like labeling–labels are for cans, not people. Also, I’m not trying to promote a specific diet–I think different things work for different people, and this is what works for me!]

If you’re vegan, what kinds of foods do you eat to get enough fats?

7 thoughts on “Vegan?!

  1. movesnmunchies says:

    yeah girl! i just recently eased up pon veganaism and have eaten some non vegan foods cuz my body was craving them! but im defs sticking to mostly vegan cuz my body feels great on it!! LTOS OF NUTS and nut butters!

  2. buttonss - Cherie says:

    I wouldnt worry too much about not getting enough calcium, its actually really easy on a vegan diet.
    I know what you mean about being scared of fats, except I feel that now Im not eating all of those crappy animal fats, its totally okay for me to stock up on delicious healthy fats!
    I usually like to add chia seeds and and nut butter to my oats, and then top them with more roasted nuts. Thats how I get my fats in.

    I eat completely vegan now, but it took a long time for me to cut things out. I didnt do it in one go. I think its fine for you to have the occasional greek yogurt, your still doing the world a favour by cutting down your intake of animal products in the first place 🙂

    • I’ve been thinking about adding chia and flax seeds in. I’ve never had chia, though, but I’ve heard it makes things have a cool texture so I’m excited to try it.

      Healthy plant fats all the way 😀

  3. I think this is a very healthy way to do it! We dont need labels, but we should still eat what feels right, and what makes us feel healthy!
    You may find it easier to up you fat when you go vegan- since most of the sourses is healthy! I love nut butter, coconut+olive oil, olives and avocado.
    Good luck :**

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