WIAW+Lucky #7

Well kiddos, it’s time once again for WIAW! This week, since I was also tagged in the 7 Links thing by the beautiful Tori, I decided to combine the two into an epicpost. Okay, just kidding about the epic part, but wouldn’t you know it…7 is my lucky number. Along with 11. I’m not sure exactly why, maybe because they rhyme and also because my birth date is 7-27. I digress. Basically, I have to choose 1 post for each category and then tag some of my readers. Sounds easy enough. And I’m totally a pro at the whole WIAW thing 😉

Peas and Crayons

My most beautiful post: This is a hard one for me to answer, mostly because I’m not sure what beautiful means in this context! I’m thinkin’ it has something to do with pictures or something. In that case, definitely WIAW: I ❤ Instagram! because I’m kind of addicted to Instagram-d photos because they make anything look amazing.

The best part of breakfast--overnighters! Sadly, this was my last batch of oats since I ran out; I think a Whole Foods trip is in order! Rolled oats mixed with dark cocoa powder and topped with PB Puffins

My most popular post: WIAW: Another Week, Another Survey. This one also kind of surprised me by the number of comments I got on it, but I think a lot of people like surveys (as do I) and WIAW is always popular around these here parts!

The other part of breakfast--spicy veggie sausage, freshly-washed bloobs and sour gummy Flintstones gummies. I know you're jealous...

My most controversial post: I haven’t honestly received many controversial comments, per se, but maybe WIAW: Survey Says… because obviously not everyone has the same taste in food, and I know so many people love peanut butter, but I just…don’t. Unless you’re talking about PB Puffins, because I’m all over those 😉

Having a sweet potato at lunch just...sweetens it a little bit. Microwaved sweet tater topped with Greek yogurt/guac dip and black beans, frozen pineapple, plain Greek yogurt topped with PB Puffins

My most helpful post: Calling All Overnight Oats Lovers…. Despite not getting many comments, I thought it was helpful for me to explain how I make my overnight oats and share some crazy-cool combinations with people and possibly inspire them to make overnighters of their own. I’m also basically obsessed with them, so I loved posting my latest and greatest “recipes”.

My mom treated me and my sister to some yummy froyo today. I got strawberry lemonade, watermelon and cheesecake topped with golden kiwi (!). I can never just get one flavor!

A post whose success surprised me:Estes Park Day 2. While this wasn’t the most commented-on post (that award would go to WIAW: Survey Says…), I was honestly shocked that so many people would read my rambling vacation recaps. I mean, the vacation was fun but reading about someone else’s adventures isn’t always the funnest. I’m just really glad so many people enjoyed it!

Dinner was quick 'n easy because my dad and I had to catch "Friends With Benefits" (great movie, BTW). Gardein beefless burger cooked on the stove topped with spicy guac, with strawbs and chipotle sweet tater fries on the side. I like things spah-cee!

A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: Foodie Newbie. I realize it’s only been up for a few days, but still. I thought more people would like to read product reviews. Anyways, I enjoyed eating all of that food, so it wasn’t all for nothing 😛

Great cereal mess after a great movie--MORE PB Puffins (I think I OD'd...jk), Kashi Strawberry Fields and a little Bear Naked Peak Protein

The post I am most proud of: WIAW: The Big 1-9. What can I say? I loved my birthday this year, especially since it was on Wednesday so I got to share my “big day” eats in a WIAW post. I’m proud that I had the patience to write up that monster of a post and take all those pictures throughout the day, when I could have easily forgotten because of all the festivities.

Lets end on the outfit of the day, shall we? I like taking photos from weird angles, don't judge! Neon green striped shirt (American Eagle), cuffed denim shorts (Abercrombie Kids)

 Is there one food you couldn’t live without (for me, it’s PB Puffins and overnighters, obvs)? Seen any good movies lately?

Oh, and I tag…EVERYONE! Who hasn’t done this 7 Links thing yet…have fun 😀

10 thoughts on “WIAW+Lucky #7

  1. buttonss - Cherie says:

    flinstone gummies? damn right im jealous!
    That froyo looks so yummyy.
    A food I couldnt live without, besides oats, maple syrup, dates and cinnamon. (my main food staples) Well, besides those essentials, it would have to be GREEN APPLES.
    Ohh they are so delicious, crunchy and tart. I eat one everyday. If I dont, usually the only reason I havent is because I have other fruit in my fridge crying to be eaten before they go off. 😛

    • Oh I forgot about dates! Definitely another essential.

      I haven’t had a green apple in so long, I’m not sure why! I love sour things so much, but I usually end up getting sweet apples.

      I do the exact same thing–I eat a bunch of one fruit but forget about everything else until it’s almost bad. Usually it ends up being berries that I forget about, even though I love them.

  2. As always, I love your eats! Sweet potato, twice? Umhmm, love that!
    I saw Bridemaids the other day, and I really really liked it! I cant help it, but I prefere easy funny movies that arent too complicated 🙂
    I havent noticed until now, but I really like the “90% vegetarian, 100% yummy” thing on top of your blog!
    Happy WIAW girl :**

    • Awh thanks girlie, I actually just added that a week ago I think!

      I really liked Bridesmaids, too, and I agree on the movie preference. I love comedies but anything too complicated I don’t like at all.

  3. I think my birthday might fall on a wednesday next year. I will make it the most epic WIAW post ever! I also just went back and looked at the foodie newbie post — it went up while I was at camp, so I missed it! I want to try the new honey fig greek yogurt so bad! I also love that whole foods pizza, but i never tried the onion sauced one. Definitely try the sweet curry sunflower seeds – they are the best!! The teriyaki ones are kind likethe cocoa mole — just okay.

    Food I couldn’t live without – hands down, muffins.

    • The honey fig is good, not my favorite of the flavors, but definitely up there! Thanks for the suggestion–I was considering getting the sweet curry so I think I’ll get them the next time I hit up Whole Foods.

      Muffins are amazing, especially all the kinds you make! I’m jealous of your muffin-making skills 😉

  4. yayyy! I’m so glad to hear another blogger has gotten loooots of traffic and comments from WIAW! my job as a hostess is complete as long as i’m getting everyone super social! ❤ Love the 7links wiaw combo! mwah!

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